Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Quieting Book Review

I picked The Quieting: A Novel (The Bishop's Family) by Suzanne Woods Fisher because I like the author.  When it came in the mail, there wasn't any papers with it and I had thrown out the email accidently so I was trying to figure out where it came from.  After a little research, I decided that it was Revell Reads which is one of the companies that I do reviews for and they let me pick books.  Then, I got an email from them which confirmed it.  I put it next in the stack to read so that I could enjoy this new series.

The Stoltzfus family faces serious problems, both in the church and at home. Everyone in the community expects minister David Stoltzfus to fix things--fast. But David doesn't work fast. He prefers to wait for God to work in individual hearts. However, even he is left wondering if the solution to their most pressing problem might be a Quieting.  When David's mother arrives, uninvited, more upheaval is in store. She has matchmaking plans for everyone in the family, including David and her eligible granddaughters--and especially for David's niece Abigail. When Abigail stumbles onto a curious connection during her genealogical research, it could help David solve one problem--but will it create another?

It took me a long time to get into this book because most of the immediate problems were dealing with the church and ministers but I didn't know any of the characters.  I had a little trouble jumping into the characters who were obviously carried over from the first book which I didn't read.  After getting into it, the book stands on its own and provides a glossary at the beginning (which I stubbornly didn't read) to let you get to know all the characters.  Part of the problem was that I knew a lot of the characters from other series so I was trying to remind myself about them as I went...not the best plan in hindsight.  There was a lot of quoting the bible and using Amish sayings but once I got into the book, it was hard to put down.  There were tons of love stories going on and wonderful heart warming stories.  I enjoyed the book overall and I am glad that I read this new "to me" series from Suzanne Woods Fisher.  I hope that you check it out and see for yourself.  If you read the first book in the Bishop Family series that this is the obvious next step to check out.  If you didn't, make sure you read the beginning so that you get to know the characters first and I am sure that you will jump in much faster then my stubborn self.

**I got this book from the publisher for my review and honest opinion.  All opinions here are my own.

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