Thursday, May 5, 2016

April Reading Review

I had a huge pile of review books for this month and I actually had to go through and put the name of the book, the date that the review should be posted and put them in the right order so that I could get them all read by the deadline.  It is funny that I seem to go in spurts of getting books that I like to read to review and either not having the time to sign up for reviews (or forgetting) or else there just aren't as many books that I am interested in.  The great news is that I had lots of books to read for the month but the bad news is that everything was on a deadline and I was quickly running behind my schedule.

If you missed the review the first time, click on the title of the book and it will take you back to the original post.  I hope that you add a few of these books to your most read list.  Let me know which ones you like!!

by Dana Mentink

by Sherri Linsenbach

 by Ruth Reid

by Roma Khetarpal

by Beverly Lewis

Simple Pleasures
by Marianne Jantzi

Mars...with Venus Rising
by Hope Toler Dougherty

Waste Free Kitchen Handbook
by Dana Gunders

Reading for 2016

January           13
February          11
March              9
April                 8

Total Books      41

Currently Reading:

Song of Silence
By Cynthia Ruchti

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