Sunday, April 17, 2016

Third Trip to Super Doubles..with a little help from the family

We had a really busy day today but I was set on making another trip to the store during the wonderful super doubles to get a few more deals.  I was working on making rolls, loaf of bread and chocolate chip cookies this morning at the same time as trying to clean up the kitchen.  I know those things kind of conflict but I actually kept up pretty well with all the dishes even though the kitchen was still a mess.  After working in the kitchen all morning, we ran to the library to return and pick up returns and most importantly, pick up the free newspapers with coupon inserts.  Then, we were off to a soccer game for my son.  Exhausted and sunburned, we headed to the store as a family.  I put together one basket for my husband to check out and one for me.   Below is everything pictured together:

I used two rain checks for the Barber Chicken and the Puffs tissues.  I got the Barber Chicken for free after rain check and coupons.  The Puffs tissues were $0.55 per box which is not great but I have been going through tissues faster then I can get deals on them.  I used four of the $0.25 coupons from the PG and four of the printed ones from Swagbucks so that was the best that I could do.  Do you have a price that you buy tissues at??

I got some other great deals including free Rev wraps (which I took the meat out and cooked up to put on our salad for dinner that night), free Melt Coconut Butter, free Lipton tea, and free Old Spice Deodorant.  I got the last four boxes of Pronto Penne pasta on the shelf for $0.08 each.  My two most expensive things were the Coffee for $0.50 and the Cocoa Pebbles for $1.

The best part is that I had the $3 catalina to use from the Windex that I bought so I had very little to spend out of pocket for all this great stuff.  The even better news is that this adds six more dinner with the Barber Chicken for next few months.  It is a good no-fuss meal with a little white rice.  I also got plain coffee for my mother in law.  My husband says that I am crazy for thinking that people expect things when they come to stay with you and that she is a big girl and she can go get her own coffee at the McDonalds.  Do you get special things when you have company coming that you never buy and wouldn't use without them coming??  I said for this price, it is worth making her feel at home.  I wouldn't pay the $6 shelf price but it is worth $0.50 to make my mother in law happy right?!

Total Retail $81.05
Total Savings $32.95 + 22.95 + 14.97 +  6.32= $77.19
Total OOP $2.96 + $0.90= $3.86


  1. I don't do "guests" but I think your MIL will appreciate being able to make coffee when she wants at your house instead of having to run to McDonald's each time she wants a cup of coffee. You can send the bag with her when she goes home if you don't want to keep it. For 50 cents, she'll be a happy MIL!

    As for the tissues, we surprisingly didn't use the amount of tissues that we used in previous years. We have allergies but, knock on wood, no one got sick this year. Consequently, I have a cupboard with quite a number of tissues that I kept getting, anticipating someone getting sick! I was lucky enough to find 2 different issues of the CVS Minute Clinic booklet this past fall and winter, that each had $1.00/1 Total Home tissues 80+ct. Then CVS put those on sale for $0.99 on several occasions. It's was too far for me to go several times during the week just to get that for free so I didn't use all the coupons (I had gotten 5 of each brochure) but I used a bunch to get the 120 ct tissues with lotion for free. Woohoo!

    I can't believe that you got all that Barber chicken for free! I guess our stores do a better deal of stocking up because you seem to be able to get a lot more rain checks than I would be able to get.

    I was looking at your totals and didn't even see the green line and saw your blue $77.19, thinking it was how much you paid and frowned and thought "That does NOT look right for Alison!" and then realized I had missed the green line, hahaha! $3.86. Good grief, you need your own TV Show or something! Yeah, I don't think you need to worry about going over budget for the month!

    1. We have gone through a ton of tissues this year with one sickness after the next. I also don't think that I really got that many for free because the deals seem to have lessened or else maybe I got pickier with the pricing.

      Our Harris Teeter is crazy out of things. They don't really have a stock room but rather order things as they have to fill the shelves because the price of real estate is so high here so they are often out of whatever is on sale. I have done a good job to get get rain checks in the past so I have years of different prices on rain checks. I am trying to do my best on using them up but some of the items are not there anymore and others don't have coupons. I know that if there are coupons that super doubles is the best time to take advantage...especially since the sale items that everyone else is getting are often out of stock.

      Love getting the Barber Chicken for free because it is something that actually makes a meal which many of the other things don't do. We have a few more in the freezer but they are all ones that we don't like because they don't have the breading. I was thinking about sending them home with my sister in law because she would probably like them. I thought that they would taste the same just with less calories but I didn't like them at all so I didn't even want to cook it and try to make it into something else but I just might have to if my sister in law doesn't take them so that I can clear the room in the fridge for other stuff.

      LOL!! I love that you thought that it was really weird that I would spend $77.19!! You know me way too well. I will have the middle of the month budget update in the next few days so you will see that I have gone a little crazy this month at least for me. I am hoping to get a few more things at Harris Teeter because the sale is only two more days but mostly nothing is left in stock. I even hit two stores today to try to get a little more pasta. Crossing my fingers that they will be stocked tomorrow but who knows!!


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