Thursday, April 14, 2016

First Trip to Super Doubles at Harris Teeter

I got the heads up from Nathalie from Imperfectly Frugally that super doubles was coming and I was still under prepared!  I printed some coupons before and I used my break at school to label them with the SB so that I knew what was from Swagbucks and cut them up.  I hadn't gone through my coupon basket to get rid of all expired coupons.  Sadly,  I didn't even get all of my coupons cut because I am so far behind.  I used my morning to power through sorting and cutting three coupons instead of doing other things like packing my lunch!!  I guess I did okay for the power push in the last few minutes but I didn't have a list or anything else but I was headed to the store.

I wandered through the meat section to see if there were any good clearances and there weren't.  I started on the cereal aisle which according to my family we NEEDED!!  I got 11 boxes of cereal to fill the cupboard with easy breakfast goodness.  I used a rain check to get the Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch for $0.97 per box.  I got the Cocoa Pebbles for $1 per box.  The Batman and Golden Grahams were on sale for $2.50 and I used the $0.75 printable coupon which doubled and I had an electronic coupon so they were $0.25 each (with more money coming back from Saving Star).  I also got one box of Frosted Mini Wheats for me for $1.  We are now fully stocked on cereal so hopefully my family will be happy.

There were a few freebies that I was excited to get and a few really low priced items.  I got the Melt Coconut butter for free which will be great to cook with.  I got the Pronto pasta for $0.48.  I almost used a rain check to save $0.20 more cents but I decided to take it to save the rain check for when I needed it really badly for more then the $0.20 :).  I got the Old El Paso with a little trip to customer service for free after printable coupon and electronic coupon (more coming back from Saving Star).  The Ortega seasoning was on sale and I used a printable coupon to get four of them for free.  The So Delicious Coconut Yogurt was $0.15 so I will use that for a batch of scones for a weekend with my mother in law visiting.

I decided to splurge of the Ritz crackers for my son which were $2 per box after sale and coupon (crazy shelf price of $4.49).  I also bought the Hormel Pepperoni which is a lunchbox staple for my son so this was $2 which is the same as Aldi's so I decided that I would get it and compare to the taste difference with the Aldi's ones that we already had.  I also got the Windex with Vinegar which we love to use to clean the counters after sale and coupon, it was $1 per bottle.

Last but not least, I already opened and used lots of the sugar that I bought before so I only had three bags left.  I used a rain check to get 4 bags for $1.97 each and I used a $0.65/2 coupon to make them $1.32 each but the customer service actually ended up overriding them and scanning them again unless there was some other $0.65 coupon that I am not remembering so I actually ended up paying $0.67 per bag.  Another great sugar deal to stock the pantry to make lots more homemade food.

I went to one register and I had to move to another one because I needed the catalina machine to print my $1 back from Windex which should double when I go back tomorrow.  Starting to wish that I bought 4 to see if I would get more money back but going to love using that extra $1 back tomorrow.  I used my 19 coupons but when I looked at the receipt it looks like when the customer service person came over, she gave me two extra coupon scanned!!  I also got to use the $3 off $15 from Wegman's which they honored as a competitor.

 I will get some money back from Saving Star including $0.75 for Batman cereal, $0.75 for Golden Grahams, $0.50 for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and $1/3 Old El Paso so that is $3.00 back for things that we already a pretty good deal.  I also got to use 13 Swagbuck coupons so I will see those eventually in my account.

Overall it was a good trip to the store and my first attempt and a totally unplanned and unorganized shopping trip.  How do you think that I did??  I am working for a little bit tomorrow and then straight to the store!!  I better get back to cutting coupons and getting organized tonight!  Wish me luck tomorrow.

Total Retail $88.58
Total Savings $56.72 + 4.88 + 3.24 + 6.72= $71.56
Total OOP $18.81- $1.79 cash back= $17.02


  1. Can you hear me cheer you on all the way from Central Florida?!? Wooohooo, Alison! I always laugh outloud when I see how much your OOP ends up being because I'm so excited for you! You got awesome deals for someone who wasn't "organized" and, as usual, I'm jealous :) Great job!

    1. I stayed up last night until 12:30 and went through all my coupons to get out the expired ones, sorted all of the remaining coupons that I needed to cut and sorted the printed coupons into the folders in my basket. I was totally ready to go to sleep. I woke up this morning and cut the inserts and put them in envelopes and left them on the dining room table. Sound familiar?! Left work and drove to Aldi to exchange moldy oranges for fresh ones and realized it. Drove all the way home to get three coupon inserts because I knew there was a coupon that I needed!! Just finished my second trip and hope to post tonight so stay tuned :)


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