Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Everything Guide to Homeschooling Book Review

I looked on the library system and somehow saw The Everything Guide To Homeschooling: All You Need to Create the Best Curriculum and Learning Environment for Your Child (Everythin... by Sherri Linsenbach. I decided it was the perfect book to read if I was interested in even thinking about doing this over the summer months.  There were a lot of ideas in the book on how to make everything work for different families.

An accessible guide for fun and stress-free homeschooling!
When you homeschool your children, you can shape their education according to your own standards, values, and ideas. In The Everything Guide to Homeschooling, homeschooler Sherri Linsenbach provides you with all the information, inspiration, and encouragement you need to easily and successfully homeschool your children from grades K–12. This complete guide contains information on:
  • The Common Core standards and how they impact families
  • Creating plans for typical homeschool days, including schedules and activities
  • Utilizing curriculum resources, strategies, and methods
  • Managing specific learning styles and special needs
This guide is packed full of ideas to make homeschooling your child easy, affordable, and, most of all, fun. With ideas for tackling social issues and motivating your child, this is the only reference you'll need to keep home education exciting and ensure your child’s success!

This was not the greatest book to read while lying in bed because there were too many notes that I needed to make of important websites and books that I needed to check out.  I have an entire piece of paper covered in all of the topics that I need to look into.  It has lots of information on books and websites so that you can build all the lesson plans and other things for your homeschool planning.  It is a great reference book to give you all of the information on where to start and how to proceed to do homeschooling yourself.  While I don't think that it covers all the aspects of homeschooling, I think that it provides a good start and lots of great resources to get started.

My biggest problem in opening this can of worms is that I end up so far down the rabbit hold that I can't get organized because there are too many things that I pull out.  I am not sure that the book addressed this particular issue but there are so many ideas and so many topics to cover that I am going to try to take a little bit of time to get organized in April and May to start the homeschool process in June- at least I hope.  I am going to try to take my best advice and not get too into the details.  I have already printed a reading notebook with passages to read and questions to answer to work on comprehension.  I made a writing notebook that my son has had for awhile on his joke book.  The great part is that this has the jokes and answers there for him to write and a little picture that he draws to go along with it.  We also have our most important notebook which is the state notebook.  Last summer that was our only focus and we did Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  This summer we are going to do New York and hopefully two others to learn lots about the state history, landmarks, and other information.  With a few science projects added in with a few kits that I have stored in the basement and projects with dad, I think that we will have a well rounded summer.  I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and get as much out of it as I did!!

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