Monday, April 18, 2016

April Middle of the Month Shopping Update

I know that it shouldn't be a surprise how quickly the month goes by but we are already at the middle of the month!!  I thought that I was going to be really low total but then I started to add up my receipts.  I know that I should write down each receipt as I get it but I never do.  I have a small notebook and I shove all the receipts in the middle until I get to writing them down.  I try to total up the receipts before we get to the end of the month which is why it is so nice to share the middle of the month with you because I force myself to stop and add up the receipts so that the month isn't shot!!

I have had a lot of fun this month with my trips to the store including two trips to Aldi, a fast trip to Giant to get a freebie that they sent me an email about, and Wegman's to get the stock up on ground beef.  In case you missed all of the details of my three Harris Teeter trips, click on the store name with the price and it will take to the post with all the details.

Aldi $29.49

Wegman's $20.78

Giant $2.65

Aldi $2.80

Total OOP $94.17

Sadly, I was mistaken with how far under budget we were for the month but I am still please with how much I have gotten for the money spent.  I only have about $65 for the rest of the month out of my $160 budget.  The challenge is taking advantage of some more Super Doubles while not breaking the budget.   I know that I am going to try to get a few more trips in because there are a bunch more freebies that I haven't been able to get yet because I have reached the 20 coupon limits every day that I have made it.  Making the most of the rain checks and coupons that I have available so I know that I can get a lot of deals with the remaining budget.  At least three more trips should still leave a little bit of money to get any end of the month deals that come up or the few last items that I might need.

How are you doing this month?? 


  1. You definitely jinxed me with the tissues! I've use more tissues today alone than I have the whole year :) I laughed at your "tissues with extra lotion" comment but ouch, it must be painful to have your nose so raw all the time!

    You're doing super well with your budget! I'm not doing quite so well but still well below my budget so it's all good. I'm at roughly $230 and my budget is $400. This week counts as my last week for April so I'll be under budget for groceries. I feel good that I stocked up on a bunch of stuff, so even though I didn't use (or earn!) barely any gift cards, I think I used our money pretty well when it comes to groceries. Eating out/Ordering in, once again, will be a much different story but I've decided to not worry about it. You only live once and we've had lots of social outings this month.

    1. I think that we have kept the eating out in check this month...although my mother in law just came to town and we have a few bumps in the road ahead for the time that she is here because we usually eat out a few times because we are out and about and meeting family in the middle of two houses. I hate it but it is easier and cheaper then buying all three of us plane tickets to FL to visit her so a few dinners out won't kill us.

      Hoping the nose and congestion clears up for you soon!!! HATE SICKNESS!!! :(


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