Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trip to the Doctor and Made It Back to Target for Some More Deals!!

Well, we got to have another trip to the pediatrician's office which is never good but that meant that we finally made it back out the house after being stuck inside for all of Spring Break.  Turns out that in addition to everything that my son was fighting off, he had strep throat.  I used to jump to take him to the doctor and they looked at me like I was crazy because there was nothing wrong and now we have been way too much this year with all of his sicknesses. 

The only highlight was that means that we were right around the corner from Target.  I couldn't pass up getting all of the Ocean Spray that they had on their shelf.  In addition, my son decided that he wanted Ritz and Goldfish so we picked the ones with Cartwheel deals associated with because even though it might be splurge for the sick boy, it still needs to be a good deal.

On the way out, I was going to stop and get eggs because after my last trip, I found a MobiSave $0.25 cash back and they were on sale for $0.99 so I figured that it would work out to a good price to add one to the cupboard.  When I got to the case, there was a sign that the Cartwheel made them 50% off!!!  WHAT?!  I got 4 dozen eggs because they worked out to $0.49 a dozen or $0.04 an egg.  I was really tempted to get more but I know that I won't be able to use them all and I don't normally freeze eggs (but at that price I might be tempted to start).

Total OOP $32.14

Afterwards, I took him to Panera to get a treat with my gift card since I had him piled in the cart with all the heavy groceries.  Sadly, they didn't have my favorite soup today and it is really warm here today so I didn't get anything for myself.  My little man picked out a chocolate chip cookie and declared that it was just as good as Starbucks which is saying a lot because he loves their cookies.  I was thinking about a bagel but it is so hard for me to justify when I can get one whole package at Target for the same price and I didn't really need anything.  Oh well, no treat for mom which is totally fine for my waistline even if it would have been tasty!!  My treat was that my little guy took a nap when we got home.  I have been spoiled with naps this week but I should probably curl up and rest myself too!!

Hope you are having a good month!  I am doing pretty well to stay under budget at only $104.18 spent so far and get lots of deals with only one week left in the month and $55.82 left in the budget.  I want to go to Harris Teeter with a rain check and coupon to pick up some cheap sugar.  I would also like some meat at Wegman's with a coupon that I have there!!  There is also a great deal at Aldi with 10 lb of potatoes for $1.69 which I can't pass up.  I know that I have plenty of money left in the budget to do all that if I can find the time in the coming week.  Hope you are having as successful a month as I have been having!!


  1. I thought about you when I saw that Ocean Spray deal and I couldn't remember if I had your email or not! You can add me on Facebook if you want to! Rumors for super doubles mid April are springing up!

    1. Hoping that we get super doubles because it has been ages for us here. Whenever they do the weekend deals in NC/SC, we don't get it here in our area. I am starting to think that they are doing away with it even though they said that they wouldn't when they bought HT. The deal with the Ocean Spray was hard to pass up and we have so many that I hope that they last a long time. My husband is already on container number 4 since I brought them home! I think that you do have my email but it is my gmail account and there used to be a button on the blog to send me a message but I guess they got rid of it. I am going to have to research it and see if I can post a link :)


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