Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Lesson Book Review

I was reading the series in quick succession and excited that I had the third book in the series next in my pile.  The Lesson: A Novel (Stoney Ridge Seasons) (Volume 3) by Suzanne Woods Fisher was the next book to read and the next in the series.  I was excited to read this but a little sad because it was the last book in the series.  I always want to get to the end of the story but I am sad when I get there.

Nineteen-year-old Mary Kate Lapp yearns for adventure, but all she seems to find is trouble. Her dreams of travel have taken a backseat to her assignment to teach school this year. And nothing ever seems to happen in her sleepy Amish community.  But when a sudden and unexplained death conveniently coincides with the arrival of a mysterious young man, M.K. is frustrated that no one takes it seriously. She's determined to take matters into her own hands and get to the bottom of it. Will she find more than she bargained for?

Mary Kate Lapp, nicknamed MK, was trying to stay Amish but has decided that it is too boring because nothing every happens.  MK gets the paperwork to apply for a passport so that she can go somewhere more fun where things happen.  But then she sees a murder (or rather hears one) and has decided that she needs to solve the mystery because she feels that the police are not taking it seriously.  Many of her decisions gets her into trouble because she takes action without thinking.  MK's step-mother, Fern, gets her appointed to the substitute teacher in the one room school house and introduces her to a local retired teacher.  The teacher talks to her about her long life who tells MK that she will never find peace in the world if she doesn't have peace inside herself.  This book travels through her process and is a great story of her character development to a much more mature person.  I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and the whole series.  Check it out from start to finish and enjoy this character rich series.

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