Friday, March 4, 2016

The Haven Book Review

I was super excited that the I had the second book in the series to start after finishing the first.  It seems to be a pattern that I read books faster then I think that I am going to and don't get the second book from the library because I don't want to have to renew it but this time I got all three books....  The first two books had holds so I knew that it was a race against the clock because I couldn't renew them.  Great news is that I finished The Haven: A Novel (Stoney Ridge Seasons) (Volume 2) by Suzanne Woods Fisher before the due date.

On a warm spring day, Sadie Lapp returns home to her quiet, unassertive life in Stoney Ridge after spending the winter in Ohio.  Gideon Smucker, an awkward schoolteacher, has been in love with Sadie since childhood and eagerly awaits her return. But does Sadie feel the same about him?  Will Stoltz, a charming and impetuous college student, has been banished for a semester and sent to babysit endangered peregrine falcons nesting at the Lapp farm. He'd rather be anywhere else . . . until he befriends Sadie. As the hopes and ambitions of these three young people converge, life in Stoney Ridge may never be the same.

After taking awhile to get into the first book, this book moved a long quickly.  There wasn't a lot of action packed scenes and there is still a lot character development but I felt like I was in the middle of the characters so I was ready to find out what happens next and I wasn't disappointed.  The rumor mill started quickly when Sadie returned home from Ohio saying that she had a child out of wedlock and her boyfriend stepped up to the plate to marry her without any knowledge of the father of the child or the truth.  Find out what happens and where she got the baby!!  I had some idea of the baby;s parents before it was announced and I am sure you will too based on the "hints" that are given but it is still a great character based book with lots of changes going on.  I can't wait to get to the third book and find out what happens next.  I hope that you check out this book and the rest of the series.  I am sure that you will like these characters as much as I have!!

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