Saturday, March 19, 2016

Consignment Sale Treasure Finds

I wrote a whole post about my consignment finds and an error with a little computer trouble caused me to loose it all so I am hoping to rewrite it to the best of my ability here.  We have a consignment season (usually two a year) where there are consignment sales every weekend.  You have to pick the ones that are best for you and work out the best time after time.  We have one that we have been loyal too for years but my consignment sale friend found another two so we met up and went to them first.

I picked up 4 pairs of shorts, two shirts (in case you can't see there is a stripe underneath the edge of the blue shirt), one pair of pants and the Guess who game that I got on my first pass through the game area which was my first stop.

We went back to the toy room and my friend found a ton of good things but my son didn't like any of the things that I found so I found this cool pool toy set with four balls and Frisbee which will go in his Easter basket and be lots of fun to play with this summer!!  The balls aren't really made to last with the wear and tear and all the chemicals so last years balls were both trashed.  He did get two different things from the library reading program so we should be set for awhile with all this pool stuff.  Total for this haul was $5.  YUP!!  How can you pass that up.  We went to the second sale but either it wasn't as good or it was all picked over because most of the items were much higher price so I didn't get anything.

The next week we went to our favorite sale.  Although the prices on the clothes are much higher, the place is huge and fills up with tons of things.  My mom actually came down to go to the sale with us.  I didn't end up getting the Dr. Seuss Charade thing because I didn't want to have to be the other person playing it...I know totally selfish but it is the truth.  If it was just me there, I would have bought the two color changing cars for $2 and the soccer cleats and been done with it.  My mom really liked the Super Mario Nintendo 3DS bag but he already had another one so it wasn't something on the top of my list but at $2, I am sure that he will enjoy it and get use out of it and I can probably still get my money back to sell it later.  There was a KNex car that I thought was interesting but it was a little overpriced at $4.75 but it looked new in package so we went with it.  I am sure it will be a great gift when he gets it.  My mom also bought the Great States game at a huge $8 because my son loves the states and we are going to go back to learning about them this summer.  Here is hoping that we get a lot of use and learning out of this game!! 

The last thing in the picture is a mosaic for $4 so that my son can make a birthday or Christmas gift for my father for his garden.  I am sure that he will have a blast.  If it turns out really well and the mold holds up, I might be able to use it to make some stones with some broken plates that I kept to make something out of.  My mom also got a ton of books that she thought my son would like... the last thing we need is more books but if it makes my mom happy then I am totally happy to go with it.  The best part of the sale is that she paid the total of $37-$38!!  She thought it was a bargain to get so much under $40 when she thought that her total was closer to $100.  Bonus that she bought us something that we later get to give as a gift with no money out of is hoping it goes well.

We hit a second consignment sale after that just in case because it was in the area but there was nothing there either.  Whether picked over because it was so much later in the day or items were overpriced, we will never know.  The first sale of the day is usually the winner but what bargain hunter can miss the sale at the end to see if there are any more deals to be had.  Not me!!!  Well, that is all for us for consignment season here but hope that you thought it was fun!!


  1. I love the fun of going to find great bargains with a friend or relative! It sounds like you two had a blast! I've never been to a consignment sale (and I'm not even sure we have them down here?) but I used to go to garage sales with a very good friend all over Orlando, a few years back, it was so awesome. Back then I needed to furbish an apartment and get toys and clothing for my kids so, like you, I'd load up on great deals. Nowadays there's really nothing I need so I don't bother. But whenever I see a garage sale sign, my heart starts beating a little faster, lol.

    I laughed at your admission that you didn't buy the game because you didn't want to play it yourself and you knew you'd have to. Hahaha! Good for you! There are so many other things that you would enjoy, why would you knowingly put yourself in this situation? I'm still chuckling.
    Be careful with the mosaic kit, if it contains Plaster of Paris don't let your son handle it because it can (and will) cause chemical burns on bare skin.

    1. Great heads up!! I don't have clue what is in it because my mom picked it out. I didn't even look at it. I will check and see if it says. If it causes chemical burns when wet, won't it be yucky on plants when it drys? Seems like a crazy thing but makes more sense then concrete which is what I was thinking.

      Amusing that you would laugh at me avoiding the game that I didn't want to play! I felt like a bad mom but I totally don't want to play charades especially not Dr. Seuss. My parents got him some other Dr. Seuss game and it gets pulled out to play with grandpa and I refuse to play!! They have strange games to go with the strange books.

      We have tons of consignment and thrift store that like you have but the sales are done by individual people so they pricing is all over the place. I have been selling on facebook for the past week and made a $100. Here is hoping that I can get tons of things sold and clear out the whole basement before we even get to yard sale season which doesn't start until May here :)


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