Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Little More Shopping for the Month

I posted my middle of the month update with the shopping trips that I took and I was well under budget so I went on a crazy shopping binge when I saw the Target cartwheel deal for 20% off my husband's addiction to Ocean Spray.  They were on sale for $2 and the extra 20% off meant that I got them for $1.60.

I have learned from the cartwheel process that I need to make sure to read the fine print.  There was a limit of 4 per transaction but you could do up to 6 transactions.  I wasn't sure how it was going to work so I went with two transactions to check it out...willing to walk away if the second one didn't work.  I also had a cherry pie for my husband that I put in one of the transactions but never made it in the final picture.

It worked so well so I put everything back in the car and went in to do two more transactions.  I would have done the limit of 4 more but I took everything on the shelf!!!  The great thing is that the I had to fight the first person to get my bag credit and then she only gave me one per transaction even though she had to use two bags!!  The second cashier was way more friendly so it ended on a better note with lower totals saving me a dime :)

Total spent on these four transactions was $29.96
Great news is that I am hoping to go do this again soon to take advantage and stock up on even more.  We haven't had prices this low on Ocean Spray in ages so I know that that taking advantage of this price is going to save us money in the long run even if my husband has trouble controlling himself around all this cranberry juice!  He could drink one of them in a day which I not sure is really healthy for him but I know that it isn't healthy for the budget.

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