Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Thorn Book Review

I was "shopping" for books on the library website and looking for a new series of books to read while we were stuck in the house with a horrible snow storm.  I have been horrible at keeping track of things that I have been reading in my notebook like I used to years ago so I was searching on my blog to see if I could find a series by Beverly Lewis that I hadn't read when I finally found one!!!  The Rose Triology was the next series that I was going to read so I reserved all three of them so that I could start as soon as the snow passed.  It took awhile for the reserve to come in because the library was so backed up but I was excited to get started as soon as it came in.  The Thorn (The Rose Trilogy, Book 1) (Volume 1) by Beverly Lewis was the first book to start with!

Lancaster County, with its rolling meadows and secret byways, may seem idyllic, but it is not without its thorns. THE ROSE TRILOGY is the stirring saga of two Amish sisters on the fringes of the church, and the unforeseen discoveries that change their lives.

Rose Kauffman, a spirited young woman, has a close friendship with the bishop's foster son. Nick dresses Plain and works hard but stirs up plenty of trouble too. Rose's sister cautions her against becoming too involved, but Rose is being courted by a good, Amish fellow, so dismisses the warnings. Meanwhile, Rose keeps house for an English widower but is startled when he forbids her to ever go upstairs. What is the man hiding?

Rose's older sister, Hen, knows more than she should about falling for the wrong man. Unable to abandon her Amish ways, Hen is soon separated from her very modern husband. Mattie, their young daughter, must visit her father regularly, but Hen demands she wear Amish attire--and speak Pennsylvania Dutch, despite her husband's wishes. Will Hen be able to reestablish her place among the People she abandoned? And will she be able to convince Rose to steer clear of rogue neighbor Nick?

I loved it!!!  I quickly wanted everything to work out the best for Rose whatever choice that meant.  She was pulled between two men (very much like Jacob vs. Edward in Twilight) so you spend the work wondering how she is going to choose but I won't spoil your fun.  I had to force myself to go to sleep when I finished the first book and not go searching for the next book in my night stand to start right after.  I waited until the morning to start the next one!!  I hope that you pick up this series and start at the beginning to find out all about this wonderful Amish family and how they are struggling with the modern world.  I hope that you like it as much as I did!!

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