Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Simple Chicken Gravy

One of my husband's favorite meals is turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Since we don't have turkey on a regular basis, we started making whole chickens on a regular basis, my husband said that it would be nice to have gravy with it.  Ummm, I have never made gravy!! 

WHAT?!  Nope.  My mother and mother in law have always taken over making the gravy for family meals and I just let them.  I made a quick attempt to make the gravy last time and it was way too thin because I waited until I got the chicken drippings from the pan.  It was too late to start making a gravy.  This time I planned a little ahead.

I made a chicken, hasselback potatoes and stuffing which were all in the oven while I used the extra chicken stock that I had from the stuffing to make this gravy.  I searched the internet and found the recipe here.  Since I already had a dirty pot from the stuffing,  I decided to use that one so I melted the butter.

I added the flour to the bottom to make a paste.

It quickly mixed together into a paste which I let bubble while I was finishing defrosting my chicken broth.

I added the chicken broth to the pan and stirred until all of the flour was dissolved.  It mixed up easily but didn't really thicken.  I added pepper and left it on the stove on a low heat while I was fixing some of the rest of the dinner and setting the table.  I turned up the heat again and it started to thicken quickly after bubbling.

I made just enough for dinner because I knew that we wouldn't eat any leftovers.  It was a perfect amount for the two of us for dinner.

We enjoyed our chicken with gravy and stuffing and potatoes.  It was a really big meal after adding a few extra side dishes while everything was cooking in the oven.  It might have been a little bit of a big meal to eat before the Super Bowl but we really enjoyed a wonderful Sunday dinner, especially with the yummy gravy.

Simple Chicken Gravy

1 tbsp. butter
1 tbsp. flour
1 cup chicken broth
pepper to taste

Melt the butter in the pan.  Add the flour and stir until forms a paste.  Add the chicken broth and stir until bubbling.  Add pepper to taste.

** This makes very little gravy for small dinner.  Use the same ratio to make more gravy as needed.


  1. Ah that's great! Thanks for posting this. I've never made gravy either, lol. I even throw away that gravy packet that comes stuffed inside of the turkey because it grosses me out, for some reason. But at $0.99 a jar of gravy (I think it's cheaper at Aldi but I can't remember), it adds up too. My kids love gravy!

    I'm printing your recipe and I'll have to try it next time. I like that it's a smaller amount so if I just need some for leftovers I don't have to open a brand new jar, which is then going to sit in my fridge.

    I made a whole turkey dinner for SuperBowl Sunday and we agreed that we'll do that every year from now on.

  2. I think that it is funny the amount of things that I make from scratch and that I have never made such a simple thing but we really enjoyed it. My husband really likes to have gravy with his chicken because he says it feels more like turkey :) Whatever works!!!

  3. Looks great! I was never that interested in gravy as a kid because, unfortunately, my mom doesn't really make it that well. She is a great cook -- just not for gravy. :) Anyway, when I started cooking meat regularly for my husband and I (we were vegetarian for a while), I got interested in all kinds of pan sauces and realized that they are a lot easier than they initially seem! I have used broth made from bouillon when I don't have any homemade available (or in small enough quantities in the freezer).

    1. We have had so many bad gravy experiences but my husband loves my mom's gravy. He said that I am not there yet but I am trying :) Gravy even on mashed potatoes is super yummy. I am sure you can make veggie stock and gravy even easier...but then you have to make sure to add some brown like worchestershire to make it a little more colorful. I might have added a little to this too :)


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