Thursday, February 4, 2016

Silver Spurs Book Review

I was interested in series for Horses and Friends when I got the opportunity to read the fourth book in the series.  The wonderful part is they sent me all four books.  I got to start at the beginning of the list so I was super happy because I love to read them from the beginning!!  Silver Spurs (Horses and Friends) by Miralee Ferrell was the second book in the series.

Kate’s dream of owning a horse has finally happened. But now her best friend Tori has no money to buy a horse. So Kate comes up with a plan—she’ll raise money by boarding horses and hosting a show in her family’s barn.  It seems the perfect solution until Melissa, the girl who disses Kate and Tori at school, shows up to board her horse, determined to compete in their show and win the silver spurs. Will their plan be ruined—or does God have something better in store for them all?

I was excited to start this book right after finishing the last book in the series to find out what happens next.  I wasn't disappointed and I really enjoyed getting to know the girls more through the course of the story.  The horse show was an added bonus because you get to see how good things come out of the bad situation and how everyone pulls together to make the horse show happen for this little ranch.  I  hope that you get a chance to check out this series and see if you like the wonderful horse story.  It is a perfect story for young girls (and other horse enthusiasts) and I really enjoyed the series myself.... cause I love horses.  The bonus for this series is it took place near where my husband grew up so it was fun reading about all the different things around the area!!  I hope that you check it out and enjoy it too for all the great writing, fun characters and beautiful horses!

** I  got this book with the others in the series in order to read the whole series.  I was only supposed to review the 4th book in the series but was given all of the books so I will review all of the books.  I review both books that I get at the library and through publishers on my site to share with you all of the books that I read to see if you might be interested.  I am not sure if there is a disclosure with this but I did get a copy of this book from the publisher even though my review was not required.

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