Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mystery Rider Book Review

Mystery Rider (Horses and Friends) by Miralee Ferrell was the third book in the series of Horses and Friends.  I have enjoyed this wonderful series and was excited to get on to the third book in the series.  The best part is that it left off exactly where the last book ended so I didn't feel like I missed a thing!!

In the third installment in the Horses and Friends series, thirteen-year-old Kate Ferris already has one problem. Snooty, well-to-do Melissa is boarding her horse at Kate’s family stable. When Melissa suddenly turns nice, Kate is shocked ... and suspicious.  The last thing she needs is more trouble. So when a hooded rider appears—and then disappears—on a stunning black horse outside her home, Kate isn’t sure if Melissa is playing a trick or something more dangerous is going on. Either way, Kate and her friends will need an extra measure of faith and courage to solve this mystery.

The book was a little more mysterious then the other two but I didn't think that there was too much suspense but if you have a young reader who is easily spooked, you might want to read this one together to make sure that they make it through the suspenseful part.  I really enjoyed the mystery to find the rider who they saw in the hood riding the black horse at night.  The kids all pull together and you will be really surprised at how this story turns around and the great message that it sends to kids.  I hope that you enjoy this wonderful book!!  I know that I did and I can't wait to read the book that was sent to me for review!  I know that I am going to love the whole series and I hope that you do too!!

** I  got this book with the others in the series in order to read the whole series.  I was only supposed to review the 4th book in the series but was given all of the books so I will review all of the books.  I review both books that I get at the library and through publishers on my site to share with you all of the books that I read to see if you might be interested.  I am not sure if there is a disclosure with this but I did get a copy of this book from the publisher even though my review was not required.

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