Monday, February 29, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 2/29

Monday- Barber Chicken and white rice (maybe leftover rice)
Tuesday- Chicken Enchiladas or Grilled Chicken
Wednesday- Pasta
Thursday- Popcorn Chicken, Chicken fries and homemade French fries
Friday- Tacos and saffron rice
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Whole Chicken

I did all of the February menu and stopped at the end because I knew that it was February but it was also into March so I waited.  But then it took forever for me to figure out what to do for March.  Sometimes the menu plan comes together easily and I am totally in the mood for getting things in order and other times...I just can't get the menu together.  I was hoping that I would be in the mood after having a good dinner, while I was starving, and a million other times that I tried.  I got the pasta, whole chickens and chicken with fries on the calendar but then hit a wall!!

I was at the end of my time because it was time to start the week so I quickly went through the freezer and pantry again and tried to finish out the month's plan!!  I am running out of a lot of things and trying to be more creative to use the things that we already have at the house but I think that my family is looking for some of the old recipes to come back out so planning on a yummy week. 

We don't have school on Tuesday so I am going to try to make a batch of chicken enchiladas in the morning but if I don't get it done then I am going to count my husband to grill some chicken while we are out for the day enjoying the day away from school.  We are out of Penne pasta (currently the only one that my son eats) so I have been making small amounts of it for him and making us spaghetti, shells and other shapes that I have in the pantry so going to hope for the best and try some other pasta... we will see how well it goes.  Followed by my son's favorite meal and then my husband's.  We will round it all out with leftovers to clear out the fridge and then a whole chicken with some side dishes based on how much energy and creativity I have.

I am working all week so I know that there isn't a lot of flexibility with my time.  I usually get a day off to try to prepare ahead of time so hoping to have a productive weekend to get my week off right but it seems that we are all coming down with sickness so who knows!!  Here is hoping that we can put together this week without having to change too many things. 


  1. I have to confess. I shouldn't have laughed at you trying to come up with your menu plan, but I did. I laughed when you said you hoped to be in the right state of mind when your tummy was full, and then again, when you were starving. No luck. I believe the secret is to wait until the rest of the family is starving, and then they will be grateful for anything you make. *laugh* In any event, this week's menu sounds really yummy.

    1. I was laughing but I ended up leaving the calendar on the table for at least a week. Okay, starving... maybe I can get this done...nope. Okay, full, maybe I do this now, nope... okay- how about while eating a treat, nope!!! Couldn't get it done this month and planning just was too much. It happens right! Love the theory but my son started crying tonight when I told him that I refused to buy more pasta and he needed to eat one of the options we had but he refused. Awesome mom award! Done and going to buy pasta tomorrow :(


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