Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cream Cheese Frosting

I decided that I would use the rest of the cream cheese from the freezer to make some frosting for my son's birthday cupcakes because I love cream cheese frosting. 

The great news is that I still had some of the Duncan Hines frosting flavors!!  I made Chocolate Almond, White Chocolate Raspberry and Mint Chocolate to flavor some of the icing for the decorate your own cupcakes at my son's party.  I think that I might have to try some of the flavoring in the cake next time!!  YUM!!

I put one block of cream cheese in the mixing bowl with two sticks of butter and mixed with the whisk attachment.

I added 3 cups of powdered sugar which seemed like a lot but mixed in very quickly.  Most of the recipes that I saw called for 4 cups but I started with 3 cups and I was happy.  I didn't add any vanilla because I thought the cream cheese flavor and the added flavor packets was going to be plenty.

I put the mixer on high and let it mix until combined.  There were still a few chunks and I wish that I let it go a little longer but it didn't look like it was making a big difference.

I scrapped the side of the bowl and made sure that it was all combined since some always sticks on the side of the bowl.

It was tasty by itself (per my mother who wanted to eat it with a spoon) but it was super yummy on the Bonnie Butter cupcakes that I made.  I decorate the cupcakes going to my son's school with yellow sugar sprinkles that he made and an M&M on top with the Lego colors for the birthday theme continued. 

For his birthday party, we put them in plastic sandwich bags and cut the corner to easily squeeze so the kids could pick the flavor and it made an easy piping bag without having to give each kid a knife even though I had them on back up if it didn't work.

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