Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Thinking Foward to 2016 and Saving Money

Tons of people have been setting goals for 2016.  I don't normally have resolutions but there are certainly things that are in my head so I figured that I would share.  They are normally the same every year and I usually add a few each year...some drop off but that is a great place to start.  I am probably going to be blogging on most of them too so you will see how I am doing.

1. Read 100 books:  I would rather get to 150 but as long as I am over 100, I will be super happy with myself.  I like reading and it is way to make sure that I am taking time for myself with a frugal habit because I get all of the books for free at the library.

2. Meal Planning:  I have been meal planning for a few years and I feel like it is really helpful to know whether I need something when I am at the store because I know what I am having for the week.  I would like to say that I am going to do monthly meal planning but it frequently doesn't work out that way.  I get to use all of the items in the fridge and freezer before they go back and I don't buy more then our family can use.

3. Spend under $1800 in groceries:  I have my notebook with the last three years in it and there were two near $1500 and one at $1100.  I am going to continue to track each purchase that I make with the amount, store and date for each month to come up with the total amount spent in the month.  I think that this is totally doable but I guess time will tell if the deals are still to be had.  I always seem to change and meet the goal of staying under $160 per month which would bring me to $1920 for the year.  My husband threw out $1800 as the number so that is what I am saying but I would be much happier if it was under $1600.

4. Redeem Credit Card Points for Balance:  We get 1% for all purchases and 5% for whatever the monthly specials are.  I activate the 5% in order to get the additional money.  When the total comes up to over $20 then I apply it to my total.  Normally I do it quarterly because that is when I can activate the extra rewards too.  I don't track how much money I save but this last year was a little different because of all of the construction and things going on the house move.

5. Meet Daily Goals for Swagbucks:  I did as much as I could with the remaining month that I had of the year.  I earned one $25 gift card with my work.  I am going to try to earn one gift card a month to use towards grocery and other purchases to save a little money.  I hope that this is something totally possible for me but I know that it will take a lot of work.

I tried working a little more in 2015 and I will be working in 2016 too to try to bring in a little more money to cover expenses.  I am also going to try to sell things on facebook, craigslist and eBay if I really get my act together.  I was making around $50 a month selling coupons online and now with everything else going on, I am having a hard time making time to even go through my coupons.  Here is hoping that I start the new year off right with saving and making money!!!

What do you do to save or earn money for your family??


  1. I love these goals! And, quite frankly, am in awe especially of the grocery money goal and the reading goal! Reading is like breathing to me but I think I must be a very slow reader! LOL I have to ask, how do you manage to read THAT many books? I am hoping for 52 this year! A far cry from your goal!!!!

    1. I used to read less books because I specifically picked non-fiction books to learn things from but I changed my reading this year to mostly just light reading that is fun. My biggest problem is that I start reading and only get a few hours sleep. I also would go to bed early just to get some more reading done. I carry my book every where with me to work, to school while waiting for my son, and there is barely a time that you will find me without a book. I even know that there are a few lights that are three or four minutes and I will pick up the book. I might have a problem. I read more in the summer being at the pool with my son. I think that I changed from an extrovert to being much more introverted so I would rather read then talk to people :) Sadly, I think that my up turn in reading might be a bad thing if I don't talk to as many people!!


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