Monday, January 18, 2016

Menu Plan Monday 1/18

Monday- Out to Eat with family
Tuesday- Popcorn Chicken, Chicken fries, and homemade fries
Wednesday- Pasta with garlic bread or pizza bites
Thursday- Barber Chicken with white rice
Friday- French Dip Sloppy Joe on homemade rolls with mac and cheese
Saturday- Stir Fry Noodles with chicken
Sunday- Roast Chicken with sides

We had my son's birthday last week and my mother in laws this week so we are going out to eat at her favorite restaurant.  The home cooked meals are starting to sound the same through the month but I am going to mix up the way that I prepare the food.  The pasta is sometimes with olive oil seasoning and other times with red sauce so it is different based on our mood each week.  The Stir Fry noodles and seasonings are always different so it doesn't taste the same every time.  I know the changes will keep the family happy even though the menu looks similar.  Plus my husband and son could eat the same stuff every night and be happy about it...sadly, not me.  I am hoping that we are going to have a successful week with the plan and one night might end up being leftover night because the fridge seems over filled for me.  Hope you have a great week and enjoy some tasty meals!


  1. We have a leftovers night at least once a week. Have a lovely time out tonight to celebrate you MIL's birthday. The rest of the week sounds yummy as well. Would love to hear how your son's birthday party went (in your spare time of course. Ha)

    1. I have post coming up this week with what I did to prepare but the party went well. He declared it the best party ever which might be overreaching but it was easy set up and easy clean up. I think that he would say that every year especially because he really doesn't remember previous birthdays since he was so little. He got to have a blast with lots of friends which is always a win in his book. Stay tuned and I think that the Lego party stuff will come up on Wednesday morning.


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