Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Swagbucks Victory!!

I have been inspired to start using Swagbucks after signing up for it in 2014 and not doing anything with it because Nathalie at Imperfectly Frugally does so well with it (check out her blog here).  There are videos, surveys and different things to do that earn you points.  The points can be used to pay for gift cards for a ton of places.

Since I love free things, I decided to take the challenge.  They give you a daily goal and if you reach that goal you get a bonus.  Even better if you reach the goal for 7 days then you get another bonus.  There is also a bonus for 14 days and 21 days so hoping to make those too.  There is a bonus for a month which since I am not that far seems to be for a calendar month and not a 30 day period so I am going to miss out on that this month but cross your fingers that I can get it next month because it is 300 extra points!!

Currently I am at about 1,500 points.  If I get 2,200 points then I can order one of the $25 gift cards.  It is my goal to get to that point before the end of the vacation.  That will take about 6-8 days if I am really good at doing everything that I can in a day.

You can do swagbucks on the computer and on the smart phone so there are plenty of things to run all day long and not do a ton of work to make the money.

If you want to sign up to be on my team, here is the link. When you sign up, you get a 150 SB.  That isn't a ton but at least it is a start.  I hope that you can use that use that earn a little free money to use.  I know that every bit helps!!  There are certain things that things that you do as a team but I don't know because I am not on a team.... Just so you know, I get something back from what you earn too if you join me.  You can pass on the love and get other friends to join you.

  If you are already doing Swagbucks and have any tips, let me know what I can do to get this mastered.  I hope that you sign up and make lots of gift cards!  I can't wait to order my first one.


  1. Thanks for the mention (again), Alison! It seems that everyone I know (which, admittedly, isn't a lot!) is either already signed up with Swagbucks or not interested in joining up because I have never gotten any referrals. I wish... lol!

    Good luck in reaching your goal before 12/31! One tip I would add to the ones I've already given you is: follow the Swagbucks Blog ( since this is where they announce the various promos. I haven't talked about it but there's the Swago game going on right now and you have to join to play. I don't do the Swagbutton and never get any referrals so the most I could get was 5 SB, but it was still 5 SB that I got very easily (they talked about it several days ago so you would have to scroll down to find the post with the info and links).

    The 7-day, etc. awards for reaching your goal are indeed calendar-based so unless you start right on the 1st of the month, you won't earn the 30-day (similarly, if you start on the 25th of the month, you won't even get the 7-day award). Sometimes you get lucky and qualify for all kinds of surveys (the fastest way to reach the goal unless you accept every offer to donate money to starving children for 3500 SB!) but sometimes, for me, it's a struggle to meet my goal. But it's oh so sweet when the monthly bonuses hit my account (usually within the first week of the following month). And yeah, those gift cards are awesome. I got my latest $25 Walmart gift card yesterday (got to do more grocery shopping at Walmart now, that's the downside!). Greg said I've probably earned enough to declare it to the IRS. Aaack. I hope not!

    Have a great day :) I'm NOT going to stress over hitting my goal today although, as I typed this I went to check what it was and it's ONLY 70 SB so I might try to, after all. Arrgh. They've got their hooks into me alright!

    1. I did one survey for 150 SB and I was so upset because the limit was so low... I know that it was silly. I appreciate that they lowered it for the holidays but goodness...why did I have to have the longest survey ever on the day without a high goal. I did get the 7 day goal and didn't start until 14th or so in December so I got that at least. Here I am hoping that I get the 14 and 21 days but I don't figure that I will get the 30 day. I am currently at 1855 SB so I am getting closer to the goal. It might be a little lofty and my husband says it is a waste of time but I can't wait to read your review of how many gift cards you got this year because he might change his tune :) I don't follow the blog so I guess I will have to check that out and see!! I did check out facebook but I am horrible at checking that stuff and it didn't seem super helpful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!

    2. Did you hit your 2nd daily goal with that 150 SB survey, though? Because you get a slightly bigger bonus with the 2nd goal so it's a little silver lining. There was a time when I tried to hit the 2nd daily goal every day, but it was too much work for me. In the new year I want to incorporate exercise and logging my food into MyFitnessPal again because I'm horribly overweight and out of shape so something's gonna have to give... and that might have to be Swagbucks because I'm using it as an excuse not to do much of anything else. Poop, but no free gift cards are worth my health, I guess.

    3. I just started but my second goal is kind of easy to get to because today the first goal was like 30 and the second goal was 70. My lowest total so far but I got it all with on survey. I am sure that I will be sad when I get a million little things on the day that I need 150 points so it was a bummer!!


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