Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Month End Budget Update

I was away at the end of the month and totally busy so I didn't get to put a lot of great deals in the cupboards this month so things are getting a little more bare.  I still have enough to get me through the busy holiday season without too much to get at the store.

Here is what I got last month and how I came up below my $160 monthly budget.

Wegman's $23.91

Aldi $37.64

Harris Teeter $23.60

Harris Teeter $14.98 + $6.08 + $1.99

 My son loves Dinosaur Oatmeal so I grabbed a ton of boxes with the sale price and with a coupon to get a great price but had to do two checkouts because the granola bars had the same coupon and there is a limit of how many you can use in one transaction.  My son also has fondness for Quaker Big Chewy Bars so I got a sale and coupon to get them at the best price.  I picked up a bag of bread flour for $1.69 which I couldn't pass up even though my mom got me a 25 lb bag but it will be good to have on hand when I start to run out.  My husband needed to get Ocean Spray because he basically says that the vitamins are what keep him healthy when my son gets sick.  I sort of think that it is a self fulfilling prophecy but I keep them in the house especially around the holidays with the added germs!!  The brownies were a bonus in case anyone here gets cranky so I can pull them out and make them!!

The sugar was on special for $0.97 each so I grabbed the limit because that is a great deal and we can never have enough sugar!! I ended up getting that from customer service because there was none on the shelf but they found some and brought it up for me.  Third check out of the day so good thing that I wasn't in a hurry.

Giant $4.10

I just got one pound of turkey for my husband's lunch because we were totally out.  I thought that I was going to be able to get some ham too but they don't carry the kind that my husband liked so I grabbed the only thing that I could.  Sadly, it is all gone and I need to go back to the store and get more already!!

Total Retail $200.89
Total Savings $88.59
Total OOP $112.30

I had a pretty good month staying out the stores and when I did go to the store, I got some deals on the items that we needed.   I didn't get a ton of things to stock up on for the coming months because most of the sugar, ground beef, chicken, chips, asparagus and more is already gone.  Currently only have some of the Ocean Spray left (2 bottles left), most of the white rice (opened but not used that much), 3 packages of cheese, some of the Dinosaur oatmeal, dozen eggs, canola oil (one opened and one sealed), half a box of cheese its, brownies, some frozen raspberries and the bread flour.  I know that I have a busy month ahead of me with the holidays and hoping to stock up on some great deals while making lots of homemade treats to stay out of the store including rolls, breakfast food, snacks and desserts.  

How did you do last month with all of your shopping??


  1. You did a great job, Alison! Bread flour for $1.69 is an awesome price! I got 10 lbs of white whole wheat flour for $0.99 a 5-lb bag yesterday so I need to try to make a lot more wheat bread than usual so it doesn't go rancid.

    I really hate it when manufacturers put such limitations on the coupons. If they're going to do that, why not make the coupons more product specific so we don't end up in the situation you ended up? The whole point of coupons is for us to buy their products but they sure like to make it difficult, which makes no effing sense. Pardon my French :)

  2. I normally keep the wheat bread in the freezer because it is supposed to make it last longer. I have a bag with a little left in the freezer and I really need to use it up. I also have a bag of white wheat that my mom bought me and I haven't used any of it. I really need to make something yummy with the rest of the wheat and the white wheat. I am going to have to start thinking!!

    The manufacturer might have had limits on the coupon which I didn't even see but the store also has limits :) It is something that I think reads a little strange but they limit 3 like coupons per transaction and they aren't supposed to split transactions but I do one on my card and one on my mom's so that I can say it is for her. I can't always make it to the store twice in the same week to get the deals but I certainly try to follow the rules the best that I can. The computer actually doesn't limit the coupons so if the cashier rings them up then it would actually work (a cashier told me that once). Just trying to get the deals and keep the customer service people loving me :)


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