Monday, December 14, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 12/14

Monday- Herb Butter Roasted Chicken with mac and cheese
Tuesday- Barber Chicken with white rice
Wednesday- Chicken Fries, Popcorn Chicken and homemade fries
Thursday- Penne Pasta with garlic bread
Friday- Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken
Saturday-  Stir Fry Noodles with egg rolls
Sunday- Breakfast or Leftovers

I planned this month in advance to try to make the holidays a little easier to plan for but things come up and days are easily switched with this menu plan.  Hoping that this makes it easier!!  I hope that you have a yummy week!


  1. I noticed that you planned on having a lot of chicken... I'm only noticing that because when I write my menus, I have to consciously think of dishes to make with other meats otherwise I'd have chicken on the menu every day! Is chicken on your menu so much because you stocked up or because that's the only meat your family can agree on?
    For me I think it's because it's versatile and also the cheapest meat I can find by the pound. And I must be clipping way more chicken recipes than other!

    1. We are a chicken family and we do like chicken. It does have the bonus that it can be done breaded, fried, grilled or baked so it often appears in different forms through the week. The great part is that it is cheap. I got the Barber chickens free so we have a ton of them so they are going to be on the menu until we get sick of them or run out. I stocked up on while chickens so I have a freezer full. I only have a few bags of the boneless chicken so we don't have many of those coming up but I am using everything we have in the house. Sometimes we have a very low meat week and other times it is very high but I can get chicken way cheaper then other meats so there will continue to be a lot on the menu :)


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