Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Month End Shopping Review

I had a busy month with all of the shopping at Super Doubles.  I went to the store a lot and stocked up on some good items to last us through the next few months in Whole Chickens and Barber Chicken breasts for lots of meals. Also got some Asian noodles and sauce as well as pasta for meals and side dishes.  We got a ton of cereal at the beginning of the month which we enjoyed and should last us a few months (cross my fingers).  I also grabbed a few more Domino sugar with rain checks to use the coupons that I had to get super cheap sugar.

I didn't really add up where I was for the month until near the end.  I added all the receipts that I had in my receipt drawer and I came up to $98.  Until my husband went to Aldi and I decided to post all my pictures.  I was missing one total so I started to look to figure out what the total OOP was but I couldn't find it.  I got out everything that I needed to find it and stopped to get chap stick out of my bag...and I found the receipt in with the chap stick.  Haha!!  It never works that easily but that only revealed how out of control my spending was this month! UGH!  I was up to $126 with one week left of the month!!

With only $34 left in my budget, I found an amazing deal on bread flour and I still needed boneless chicken for the beginning of next month.  Harris Teeter advertised King Arthur bread flour on sale for $2.49 and there was a coupon for $1 off and there was a saving star rebate for buying $15 of their flour.  I was trying to find some reasons to talk myself out of it but ended up super excited and dragging the whole family after the soccer game since we are right in the neighborhood then...  we drove into a parade, made a turn and ended up almost in the parade trying to cut around it, and finally made it the store after two failed attempts.  The boys stayed in the car reading a library book while I went in the store realizing that I couldn't get it all and they would have to come in to do a second transaction before the shelves were cleared.  I found the flour and put four in my cart even though the shelf price wasn't up.  I looked through the paper ad I had picked up and it wasn't in the ad.  I took my four to the checkout and they did the price and it wasn't on sale!!  UGH!  I pulled the cart over and went towards customer service.  I finally found it on my phone and enlarged the picture.  The sale was on a 2 lb bag and not a 5 lb bag.  I didn't even think that was an option!  I put them all back on the shelf and left because the coupon and the saving star didn't work with the 2 lb bag and it was a horrible price on bread flour!!! Reading helps but this lack of sale certainly opened up the end of the month budget to find other deals but I never made it back out of the house to the store!!

Check out what I got this month and see how I did with the pictures and totals below.  I posted all of my deals except the last trip to Aldi (which my husband did on his way home from work) and showed you exactly how much I paid for each thing that I got.  I am super excited with jumping back into serious couponing and getting lots for my family.

Harris Teeter $22.82

  Harris Teeter $24.66

 Harris Teeter $2.92

Harris Teeter $24.22

Harris Teeter $10.09

Harris Teeter $5.20

Harris Teeter $19.74

Harris Teeter $8.20

Aldi $7.86

       Great news is that I got a ton of rebates this month:

Saving Star $3.00
Ibotta $25.95 

I have never used Ibotta much but there were just some deals that I couldn't pass up on there.  I think that there are a ton of ways to save on your grocery bills so even if you don't want to coupon, these neat apps are filled with tons of free money for the things that you were already going to buy and enjoy.  I hope that you check them out and save a ton!! 

Total Retail $581.84
Total Savings $456.13
Total OOP $125.71 


  1. What a great month you had! Congrats. I laughed at the convoluted story of hunting down the flour on sale, that ended up not being quite the bargain that you hoped for.

    1. It was a little funny to go through that whole thing but it didn't even come to my attention that there would be a 2 lb bag. I thought that other people would understand that it does happen to everyone!!

  2. $125!!!! Shut the front door! You're making the rest of us look like slackers, lol.

    I would have been soooo annoyed had I had the experience you had with the King Arthur flour. It's so expensive, but that whole wheat flour I got on deep clearance is amazing. I was hoping to get the SavingStar rebate on that too but the prices are just too high for me to justify it. Ibotta is stressing me, it takes so long to unlock offers (if you unlock more than one or two at a time) and I still find it very time consuming to have to scroll down through ALL the offers for each store individually to find the new ones. Is there a way to filter them to make that less time consuming, do you know? I do like their turn around time, though, the rebates I have submitted have been fulfilled within minutes!

    1. I thought that I got a ton for $125 in addition to being under budget. Ibotta never works out as well as it did this month but I think that I did pretty well this month which was great. I still haven't done anything with the money but I will transfer it to PayPal when we need the money there. We use it to pay for purchases at Home Depot :)


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