Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Devaney Brothers: Daniel's Desire Book Review

I was excited to figure out how to download my first Kindle book from the library (okay so I didn't know how to do that so I made my husband help).  I got The Devaney Brothers: Daniel: Daniel's Desire (The Devaneys) by Sherryl Woods and I was excited to start reading the last installment of the Devaney Brothers book.  It was a little different to read on the iPad but I was glad to have the chance to read the final book in the series.

When a runaway teen surfaces at Molly Creighton's tavern, Daniel Devaney's job as a child advocate forces him to investigate…and to confront his tumultuous past with Molly. Though a tragic loss shattered their relationship four years ago, Daniel is now ready to accept responsibility for their breakup and make a fresh start.

Their overwhelming attraction is undulled by time, but Molly fears risking her heart again. Daniel vows to banish the shadows from her eyes and prove he is the man she needs him to be. And with his brothers and parents at last reconciled, Daniel's deepest longing—for family—is almost fulfilled….

I was so excited to start reading even though I didn't have the paperback book in my hand.  It was a little hard to read in bed but I figured it out and it wasn't any heavier then a hardback book.  I actually still carried this with me during the day in case I got a little time to read this while I was out and about.  I did get to pull it out once too :)  I always travel with my books so it was an interesting change to have it on the iPad instead.  There was a lot more getting to know Daniel which was an interesting addition to the family.  In addition, the family all got together for the first time since they left the three oldest boys.  The reunion was stressful but interesting to watch unfold.  I thought that it was a great end to a wonderful series about all of the brothers in this family. I hope that you check it out and see for yourself through your local library or online (since I only see it available electronically).

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