Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday at Harris Teeter Super Doubles

UGH!  I am exhausted!!  I went to Harris Teeter to grab some of the deals that I had been working on printing coupons and it seems like the crowds were a little nicer today.  I guess Saturday crowds are in a hurry!!  Sunday crowds either went to church or are relaxed from their weekend adventures because I didn't have to fight for a spot in the grocery store but that didn't hold true for the streets because someone was speeding and almost crashed into me to get to the light.  They swerved around me and pulled in the other lane and narrowly avoided a police car.  Do you think that the police car would stop and see if things were okay?  Nope!  They both kept going and was sitting in the middle of the lane and not able to turn for a little bit.

Additionally, I remembered AFTER getting home that I was supposed to use the rebate card and not my credit card so I was a little bummed that I totally forgot to use it.  I wasn't ready when I got to the check out because there was a person in front of me that was taken to another register to check out.  I did two transactions, one for the items that had Ibotta rebates and one for all the other stuff I was getting.

The rebate checkout is the first picture.  I grabbed the Chobani yogurt Simply 100 and Chobani Oats and used the coupons.  The shelf price was $1.20 and I bought 6 yogurts and used two coupons for $1/3 so they were I got $1.00 Ibotta for the Simply 100, $0.50 for the Oats and $0.50 bonus for doing both.

I got the Bigelow Tea (shelf price $2.99) which was on sale for $1.50 and there was a $0.75 Ibotta rebate.  I am putting it in my mom's Christmas stocking.

I got the Jose Ole Taquitos which were the crazy high price of $6.25 shelf price!!!  I used the $2 coupon which doubled and then got a $2 Ibotta rebate so it ended up being $0.25 after all those and my husband loves them!

I grabbed the Pepperidge Farm Microwave Garlic Bread (shelf price $2.99) on sale for $1.50 and there was a $0.75 Ibotta rebate that I got again but I don't think that it is there to get for a fourth time!

I got the McCormick Skillet Sauces last.  They were shelf price at $1.99 and not on sale.  I used the $1/2 coupon which doubled so they were both $0.99.  There was a $0.50 Ibotta rebate and $0.50 Saving Star rebate.  I figure that these seemed like fun ones to try even though I shouldn't have bought them especially because I didn't even look to see if I had a rain check.

I got the Tazo tea because it was on sale for $3.50 and there was a coupon for $1.50 which doubles (after being overridden by customer service) and there was supposed to be a store coupon that came off but it didn't work.  I went to customer service and they gave it to me for one card but not for the second transaction.  I didn't want to push my luck but I was bummed.  I will get the other one later when one of the nicer customer service people is working.

I got a $1.00 bonus for finishing the October Level 1 bonus.  I am also 35% towards October Level 2 for $2 and 83% towards the Spooktacular Boost for $5 (which I think means I need 2 more rebates but I don't see anymore that I am going to be able to use so I am hopeful but )

Total Retail $28.84
Total Savings $17.21 +$1.54 
cash back for missed coupon
Total OOP $10.09

Ibotta Rebates $7.00
Savings Star Rebates $0.50

Here was my other transaction at the store with the rest of the items that I got.  I got four boxes of Barber Chicken Kiev (my husband's favorite one), four packages of Kame noodles, two Kame sauces, two Playtex gloves, and Ristorante Pizzas for free.  

I got Melt coconut butter for $0.29, Earth Balance Peanut Butter Coconut $0.50 each, Kahiki Chicken Egg Rolls for $0.19 each, and Tazo Tea bags for $0.50 (note above about missing store coupon).

Then I grabbed 10 cans of Chicken Noodle soup (shelf price $11.50) for $8.  I used two $1/5 coupons which doubles to $2 off.  All 10 cans were then $4 or $0.40 per can.  I think that is a pretty good price but we were totally out so I needed to grab some to stock up anyway.

Total Retail $94.64
Total Savings $89.44
Total OOP $5.20

I got a ton of things in the second transaction and I got overage from a few coupons to pay for the items that I got to cover because it should have been at least $1 or $2 more but that worked out pretty well even though I didn't get $1.50 store coupon for the Tazo yet.  I hope to get that back next time and be able to subtract that from my OOP and add it to the savings soon.  Love getting great deals!!  I need to go back and get some more!!!!  Only two more days :)


  1. You need to stop shopping, I'm running out of compliments to pay you! I told my daughter "my friend Alison is way better than me at couponing" and she gave me an incredulous look so I showed her your pictures and your totals and she couldn't believe it :) She's going to Virginia this weekend with her dad so when she heard that you have double coupons she told me "Mom! You should give me your shopping list and your coupons!" LOL. Yeah, like my ex is gonna want to spend time in grocery stores for my daughter to go shopping for ME!

    Anyhoo, awesome job, as always! Your husband must have been relieved that you finally found his favorite Barber Chicken variety :)

    I hate it when a cranky customer service rep won't do something than a nicer one would. You'd think you're stealing money out their wallet or something. There are definitely cashiers that I avoid both at Publix and at SuperTarget, and I don't even use huge numbers of coupons.

    Good job with the Ibotta rebates! Surely you can do 2 more rebates, Alison! You're so close to getting that bonus!

    1. HaHa!! You were the one that wanted all my shopping trips posted :) I love that you dragged your daughter to see the posts and she is ready to shop. Super double will be over when she gets here but I am sure there are lots of deals but I am not sure she would be able to get them all home. I hope that she has lots of fun in Virginia!!

      I am excited to add the Barber Chicken to the upcoming menus especially with people coming from out of town for the next few weeks because it is super easy to change that meal from dinner for 2 to dinner for 5 which just might happen. Plus we have the fancy garlic bread so I am ready for pasta too :)

      I have looked through Ibotta and I just don't see that much but I am going to try to figure it out because it seems like too good of a bonus to pass up. Going to check to see if any new ones came up today so cross your fingers :)


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