Monday, October 12, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 10/12

Monday- Buffalo Chicken Salad with crumbled blue cheese
Tuesday- Penne Pasta with garlic bread or leftover pizza bites
Wednesday- Worchestershire Grilled Chicken with white rice
Thursday-Tacos with corn bread and saffron rice
Friday- Chicken fries and Popcorn Chicken with homemade fries
Saturday- Leftovers
Sunday- Breakfast for Dinner

I can't believe that I posted last weeks and this weeks meal plan at the same time but it obviously messed with my brain.  I might have jumped the gun a little because when it was time to make dinner last Monday, I thought it was time for tacos so I quickly grabbed the meat out of the freezer even though I knew that I wouldn't have it defrosted by the time that I got home.  I was still thinking it was that week so I looked and picked out Thursday's dinner to make Monday figuring that I would just rearrange the week and later in the week I realized that I jumped a week and totally missed the meal plan for last week!!  That said last week we did Salsa Sloppy joes and Mac and Cheese on Monday, Penne with pizza bites on Tuesday, Leftovers on Wednesday, Tacos on Thursday, Chicken fingers and homemade fries on Friday.

With some quick cutting and pasting, I had to reorganize this week into a new meal plan of what was left and what we were going to have.  We ate tacos just a few days before so I moved it to later in the week because we love them and we have tons of shells from my stock up sale.  Since I ate the salsa sloppy joe that was frozen, I don't have anymore made, I moved tacos to that day (using the last of the frozen meat).  We didn't eat the chicken last week so I moved that one to this week (giving us enough chicken to make it through the month). 

I have worked through most of the month and I am super happy that we have made it to the halfway point and got most of the meals out of what we had in the house...minus my mom's wonderful addition to the house with the groceries that she bought.  We have lots of things in the pantry but not a lot in the fridge so I am hoping to stock up this month with my monthly budget and add a few meals to the end of the month.  I hope that you have a tasty week too!!!


  1. You are wayyy ahead of me! I haven't even started putting a menu together but that's what I'm doing next. I skipped a few recipes last week so maybe I can use them this week, if I still have the ingredients. You've inspired me: I feel like this week is going to be a week of simple meals, nothing too complicated (well, it never is but I think I might fall back on old standards). I might even make taco salad.

    1. I went a little crazy last week with the confusion so this week was already planned except for the food that I used accidently. Of well, I am going to have a busy week with starting my after school enrichment coordinator position (in addition to the other two jobs). I guess I am going to be also doing super doubles shopping too!!

    2. A 3rd job?! I feel like total slacker now :)

    3. 3rd job doesn't pay except that my son gets to take an after school enrichment class so it a few months of work in exchange for one class. Hoping he loves it and it isn't too much work for me :) I also volunteer to do an arts project 4 times a year, stuff take home folders once every three weeks, and now I just said that I would work at the library. I think that my biggest problem is not knowing how to say NO!!


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