Monday, September 21, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 9/21

Monday- Tacos with saffron rice
Tuesday- Pasta with garlic bread
Wednesday-Grilled Chicken with white rice and wedge salad
Thursday- Chicken Tenders and homemade fries
Friday- Picnic at school
Saturday- Leftovers/??
Sunday- Leftovers/Breakfast for Dinner: Waffles

I am so exhausted after a long week that it is a miracle that I made it through but it was my first full week of work (even though only working a half day at both jobs).  We have a much slower week planned this week so we are hoping to get caught up on things.  I hoping to get some other things done like some baking and unpacking.  I did whip up a loaf of applesauce bread and beer bread last Friday with dry ingredients already mixed which is always a lifesaver but they were gone quickly and I didn't get to the cinnamon rolls that I was thinking about making so hoping to make them this week and a batch of rolls to freeze.  I might be a little hopeful that I am going to have a slow week but hopefully working three days instead of 5 will make it a little calmer and no shopping because I am already over budget for the month.  Not sure what the weekend is going to bring but decided to stop planning and figure it out later because soccer games are tough to plan around.  I hope that you have a tasty week!!


  1. Hmmm, beer bread! I'm gonna have to stop reading your blog because you're forcing me to bake, lol :) Greg is loving the cherry coffee cake. Between him and our son, I think they ate the whole thing in 2 days! It's a good thing (for my thighs) that I don't have beer in the house right now...

    1. I had one can of beer in the cupboard that I moved from the old house and I don't know how long it lasts so I figured that I would make it. I mixed the dry ingredients a little while ago. It was a good thing too because I used the bread for sandwiches this morning for my husband so that I didn't have to make another loaf of bread on Sunday. I ate the rest as toast!! YUM :)


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