Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Free Reading List

I have come up with the easiest way to keep track of books that I want to read and I want to share.  I have tried many things to track my reading including a spiral notebook, Shelfari, Good Reads, and more.  They all have their downfalls but what works for me?

A private list on Amazon!  Yup, simple as that.  I actually have two lists because I read too much.  I set up one call "Reading List" and then I needed to set up one called "Reading Completed."  Once I read the book, I move it to the completed list so that I know what is left on the reading list.

I add all of the books that I put on reserve at the library, want to read or other books that come up by the same author.  I have 79 books on the list to read so there might be some that didn't get moved when I read them or erased when I was no longer interested.  I might not have it totally updated but I can pull a few books on the this list when I was to read something new from the library.

The great thing is that I keep it on my computer and an my Amazon app on my phone so I have them everywhere that I need them!!


  1. Hmm, that's a good idea. Does this let you add notes to the books that you've read so you know if you liked it without having to create an official review?

    I used to have a GoodReads account and then I switched to Shelfari, I think because I could have a Shelfari widget on my (then) blog wheread back then GoodReads had nothing of the sort. That was before Amazon bought Shelfari so I have a legacy login that isn't connected to my Amazon account, which I really like. I don't need Amazon keeping track of what books I read, quite frankly. Oh wait, so I guess the private reading list wouldn't work for me? I haven't tried pulling Shelfari on my phone recently, I wish they had a app because I've found myself borrowing books from the library on a whim and then realizing that I had already read them (and usually hated them, lol!) when I go to enter them in my Shelfari account. Well, I stop babbling now.

    I still can't believe you find the time to read so much. You must be some kind of speed reader wonder, lol!

    Thanks for the idea.

    1. There is a section that you can put in notes on all of the Amazon pages but I just want to remember whether I read it so I don't usually make notes there but it would be easy too. The good part is that Amazon does suggest other books that you might like so it is easy to add more books and know when an author you likes comes out with more books. Of course, you could set up a dummy Amazon account that you don't use to purchase but I am trying to simplify so it is what I found works best for me :) I hope that it works for you if you try it.


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