Monday, August 17, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 8/17

Monday- Tacos
Tuesday- Spaghetti with pizza bites
Wednesday- Chicken Nugget Wraps with homemade fries
Thursday- Chinese Take Out
Friday- Grilled Chicken with chicken rice
Saturday- Picnic Lunch with friends/Leftovers
Sunday- Leftovers/??

Last week I switched Tuesday with Wednesday and Thursday with Friday but the week remained pretty much the same.  Then I found out my mom was coming into town for a few days for this week.  I was left with nothing in the freezer after the last few weeks so I was starting to think of some things that she liked to eat and that I could make easily.  I need to get the taco seasoning that she likes (or see if she has one that she can bring with her).  I also need to grab some chicken and ground beef to get ready for the week or it is going to be a very meat free kind of week.  My shopping day is usually Tuesday while my son is in camp but my mom will already be here so I guess I know what I have on the list this weekend in addition to moving the rest of our stuff.  Turning out to be a busy week!!!


  1. I switched dinners around last week too... not a huge deal when you have already everything planned out. So much work to plan but so worth it, isn't it?!

    Enjoy your mom's visit! And I look forward to seeing your grocery trip updates posted once again? Didn't you say that you would start posting those again once you moved? No pressure... lol.

    1. I have my pile of stuff and if you can believe it and have taken pictures of everything so hoping to post this month with a little review of where I am year to date. Closing is August 31st so I should be over the process to get the end of the month up :)


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