Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Christmas in Snowflake Canyon Book Review

I was excited to make my pile of the series of books and this was the last book that I had in the pile even though there was one more book in the series.  I was excited and a little sad to get to the bottom of my pile.  Christmas in Snowflake Canyon (Hqn) by Raeanne Thayne is the 6th book in the series of Hope's Crossing.  Luckily I knew that there was one more at the library for me to grab!!

No one has ever felt sorry for Genevieve Beaumont. After all, she has everything money can buy. That is, until she discovers her fiancĂ© has been two-timing her and she's left with two choices: marry the philanderer to please her controlling father or be disinherited and find a means to support herself.  Genevieve's salvation appears in the most unlikely of prospects: Dylan Caine, a sexy, wounded war vet whose life is as messy as hers. Dylan's struggling to adjust after his time in Afghanistan, and the last thing he needs is a spoiled socialite learning about the real world for the first time. True, she may have unexpected depths and beauty to match. But he knows he could never be the man she needs…and she knows he could never be the man she thinks she wants. So why are they each hoping that a Christmas miracle will prove them both wrong?

Something about the physical book but not really about the content, I have taken to putting my bobbie pin on the back cover of the book at night when I take it out of my hair at night in bed.  It is a weird new habit that I have picked up while we have been living with cardboard box night stands and a mattress on the floor so that I don't loose it.  I went to write the review before returning it to the library and I found a bobbie pin on the back cover...oops!!! :)

It was great to get to know Genevieve Beaumont who has been a conversation piece in all of the books based on her wedding and cancellation after her fiancee cheated on her.  I was so excited to actually get to know her and watch her grow.  It was wonderful to see her good side where she does sewing, remodeling and volunteer work (okay community service) and learns to see other people's side of things.  This helps her to grow and she becomes good friends with wounded Veteran, Dylan Caine.  This friendship helps you to learn about both of them.  I really enjoyed this holiday love story!  I hope that you check out this book at your local library or bookstore.  It is an amazing story and who doesn't love a wonderful winter setting to enjoy!!

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