Thursday, June 4, 2015

Harbor Lights Book Review

I enjoyed the first two books that I had to pick up the third book as soon as I was done with the last. Harbor Lights (Chesapeake Shores) by Sherryl Woods is the third book in the series and luckily I reserved it at the beginning.  I was glad to have this one to follow up and super sad when it was over because I didn't have the fourth book!!

Struggling in his role as a newly single father, former army medic Kevin O'Brien moves home to Chesapeake Shores. He wants a haven for himself and his toddler son, surrounded by the family he knows he can count on, and a future that's nothing like his past. But Kevin is suddenly facing a risk he hadn't anticipated, in the form of Main Street bookseller Shanna Carlyle.  Shanna immediately recognizes Kevin as a wounded soul—she's had way too much experience with the type. Still, this charming O'Brien man and his son are almost impossible to resist.  Then, just when the barriers are toppling, someone from Shanna's past appears. Confronted with a threat to their hard-won serenity, Kevin and Shanna face their toughest challenge—learning to trust again.

Loved it!!  Who doesn't love a story about a single father and how they are making it through and making the best life for their son.  There is a lot emotion in this book because of the loss of Kevin's wife at war and the grief that he is feeling.  The writing and characters are great and really make you feel like you are living in this small Maryland town and going through all of the emotions of the characters.  I was really interested on how things would turn out in this book for all of the members of the O'Brien family, especially Kevin and his son.  I loved the book and I hope that you check it out in your local library or bookstore!!  I know that you will enjoy this book and others in the series.

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