Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Prepping for the Week and Some Freezer Cooking

I love to get time over the weekend to prepare for the week.  There are a few things that you can do to make your week go so much easier and I was working on a plan to do just that.  I also love freezer cooking because it helps with middle of the week cooking because the items you need are already in the freezer ready for the meal. Cooking ahead saves time and money!  Then there is no need to order out!

This weekend was a little busy on Saturday with working on the new house and soccer games.  There wasn't a lot of extra time except to make dinner.  I was looking forward to Sunday being a slower and super hopeful that it would give me time to prep for the week.  I started by making a batch of rolls!  I love homemade rolls and I will leave out enough for dinner this week and freeze the rest for next week.

Then, I decided to make that loaf of applesauce bread that I had wanted all of last week.  In addition, while I was making that, I mixed up an extra jar of the dry ingredients which is super easy to do and then I have them on hand to whip up a fast loaf of bread in the coming weeks without haven't to pull out all the ingredients (or even having to have them at the same house).  I love my neat blue canning funnel but for those of you who don't have that, I used a funnel made of paper before which is super easy to roll with a little hole at the bottom and a little tape on the side.  They don't last long but they work well and are super easy to make!

I have a few days of breakfast food with the loaf of bread and then I have some ready to go for the next loaf because they don't last long here either.  YUM!

I mixed up another loaf of sandwich bread in the bread machine.  This helped me get ready for the week because my son got on a peanut butter sandwich binge for lunch on Sunday so I thought that I would have enough to last through a few days but all for the best because the milk was getting close to the date.

While I was making the loaf of bread, I decided to take the ends of last weeks bread to make garlic bread for this weeks pasta dish.  I buttered them and added garlic salt and decided to wrap them in aluminum foil and put them in the fridge.  They will be ready to stick in the oven as is when pasta night is here!!

I cut up the potatoes that I needed for dinner and put them in water in the fridge so that they wouldn't brown.  It always gets busy around dinner so good to have things done ahead even if for that evening.

The applesauce bread came out of the oven and I was off to the next thing on the list- bringing my husband lunch at the new house and going to the grocery store.  I barely ever do that on the weekend but since I was out, I figured that I would brave the crowds to get lunch meat and snacks for our trip.  I wanted to come back and make some baking mix but things always take a different turn so it was a little busier day with entertaining my son. There is always tomorrow!!  It will be first on the list if I don't do it late after bedtime for the little man.

Instead, I got to make the rosemary chicken and potatoes on the plan for dinner and enjoy some family time before my husband had to get back to finishing some work at the new house.  I know that we can't wait for this all to be over but at least I think that I am somewhat prepared for the week to start.  Did you do anything ahead this week to save you time when you didn't have it?

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