Friday, May 29, 2015

Never Say No Book Review

I wasn't sure about getting this book because I read the blurb on it twice before I said, this might be something that I am interested in.  I actually don't even remember signing up for Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids by Mark Foreman, Jan Foreman with everything else going on but I wrote it on the calendar and the book arrived so I was looking forward to finding out what it was all about.  The cover looked interesting and aren't we always trying to make things better for our kids so here is hoping there is something helpful with raising my son.

The question Mark and Jan Foreman are most often asked is: How did you raise your kids?  Never Say No takes you on a personal journey to learn first-hand how they raised Jon and Tim of Switchfoot. They share practical advice for instilling wonder in a media-saturated culture, cultivating specific gifts, and balancing structure with individual choice. Our purpose as parents is the same as our child’s: to live creatively beyond ourselves, bringing the love, beauty and nature of God to this world. Let the adventure begin.

The book tells stories of their children growing up and how they dealt with the strange things that kids do.  It was an interesting book that didn't preach or quote bible verses but actually gave you interesting ideas on how to be a better parent.  There are silly titles like Pizza with God and Thank You for Passing the Salt but when you read the chapter and learn exactly what they mean.  The great writing of the authors was wonderful to read and even better to learn all of the great insights that they had in raising kids.  The best part was never saying no which seems like a silly statement for a parent to believe because setting limits is the major job of the parents like no swimming in shark infested water and no crossing the road without looking both ways but the authors don't want you not to set limits for your kids safety but they want to teach the children to make better decisions themselves without negative words like no.  There are a lot of great ideas in this book and I hope that you pick it up and check it out for yourself.  Even if you aren't a parent, there are some great stories that you might enjoy!! 

**I was sent a copy of this book for my review and honest opinion.  All opinions here are my own.

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