Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kid Wednesday: Teacher Appreciation Gifts for the Kids to Make

I know that it should come up as a surprise but it does every year.  We got the sheet of paper home saying that it was teacher appreciation week!!  They sent home a flower for my son to decorate and put his face in the middle of so we did that and sent it back into the teacher.  Of course, I guess she is going to see them eventually, it seems weird to appreciate the teachers by adding more work for them collecting all these flowers.  Luckily, I had a bag with lots of markers in it and he chose to use his new metallic markers and make a pattern with the petals but sadly, it had an uneven number for his pattern (although this didn't bother him at all).  I had my husband print out a pictures which I glued in the middle and cut out the flower and traced the edge in red glitter glue (mostly because it was all I had).  I thought it looked nice when we were all done and super happy to say that we turned it in early so that I wouldn't forget!!

We also do an art project for the teachers but this year with everything going on with the house for sale and renovations in the final push, I totally didn't even come up with something.  I was excited to see that there was a great craft session at Lakeshore Learning, a national chain teacher store, for free teacher appreciation crafts.  We made these door hangers with the teachers names and my son made a pattern so that the beads on each side would match.  This was a super easy craft to make with the "eraser" and "pencil tip" being pre-cut and only requiring gluing.  It wasn't as fancy as it looked in the pictures online but I still thought it was cute.

Then, he made a bag where he painted a W for the teachers last name and used a roller to paint around the outside.  There were some fabric markers for him to make the other designs that he drew.  Then he made a tag for us to attach when it was dry.

The last craft was the flower pot.  It is a cardboard flower pot that he painted and decorated with jewels (which are a little hard to see in the picture).  Then while that was drying, he glued the flowers on the dowel to put in the flower pot.  The flower stick is held in place with tissue paper.  I made a hole in the middle so that it would be in the middle but at the store, they were sticking it in the edge....I like my way better!! Another tag attached!

We got all of our teacher appreciation gifts all done in one trip to Lakeshore Learning and we are ready for taking them to school on Monday morning.  I hope that they like them and know that we do appreciate them.

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