Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thrifty Thursday: Scrapping

My husband has been working on a little stockpile of things to scrap from the construction on the new house. Then, we went through the old house finding lots of stuff to scrap including a box of network cabling and lots of random wires.

He did a little research through the iScrap app which you can install on your Apple or Android phone.  It gives you some pointers on what recycle and where your local place is to recycle.

Then, he took a variety of things to the place to get the feel for how to do it because you can't figure it out until you go and try.  He brought some wires, copper and old lights.  They took everything and he got a receipt that he had to scan at another machine.  He came home with $48 in cash for a little bit of work and what we had around the house.  I realize that not everyone has this much stuff but it is great to recycle all the items you can so that they don't end up in a landfill instead of getting used to make something else.  The biggest bonus is we walk away with money.  I can't wait to fill up the truck again with what we have left in the garage to recycle!!

Have you ever scrapped? What tips do you have for us to know before going next time?


  1. Well done!! I haven't scrapped but have donated things to get scrapped (Old appliances). Saved me getting rid of things & the got $ for a little grunt work!

    1. It is always good to get rid of things and not have to pay money. I was surprised that I could take the things that we ripped out of the house and get money for it! Didn't know there was such a thing but I can't wait for my husband to take the rest of the stuff and see what we can get for it and get the house cleaned out at the same time.


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