Monday, April 6, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 4/6

Normally I am very strict about the menu plan and have something ready to go the previous month but with everything going on with selling the one house and doing construction on the other house, all bets have been off.  I think that I am better off telling you what meals that I plan for the week because they are most likely going to be moved around between contractor here, soccer practice there and other things going crazy.  My main goal is to defrost the freezer this week and I put a bunch of stuff upstairs in the freezer but there are still a few more things that need to fit.  Here is hoping that I can get it done and move the freezer to the new house!!!

Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken Strips with chicken rice
Salsa Sloppy Joes on homemade rolls with Mac and Cheese
Simple Fried Rice with edamame
Spaghetti or other pasta with homemade sauce and garlic bread
Chicken Nugget Wraps with homemade fries

I already took the chicken tenders, ground beef and spaghetti sauce out of the freezer.  The rolls for the sloppy joes are already made and in the freezer which I don't take out until the day of.  The bread for the garlic bread is in the freezer still which I leave frozen until I stick it in the oven. We went to the store to buy potatoes which were on sale at Aldi's so we bought 20 lbs and my son cheered because that meant more fries.  They are his favorite so I better figure out a way to fit them in more often before the move so that we don't have to move potatoes!! I know that I only included 5 meals but we will most likely be grabbing take out at least twice this week with the schedule and open houses so I will throw in another meal or use leftovers for the other meals. 

We haven't gotten much at the grocery store for the last few months because of the move and trying to use what we have on hand.  Yesterday the boys were looking for a snack and they found an almost empty container of cheese-its which they decided to share.  My husband gave my son the whole crackers and he was going to eat the crumbs.  I came into the kitchen and watched this sad transaction and pulled another box of cheese-its out of the cupboard (met by cheers).  They think because I am not shopping that there is no food in the house.  It is so funny because there are 6 boxes left in the cupboard.  I don't think that we are going to starve or miss some of their favorite foods but really, I know that my husband is going to have a fit when we have to clean out the kitchen and move all this food so I am trying my best to make what I can from what we already have in the house.  How is your week going??


  1. Sounds like a good plan, Alison. If I had to go through what you're going through, I'd probably throw my hands up in the air and declare that we're eating out/ordering in every night!

    1. Haha!! Agreed. We hate eating out and everyone in the family got cranky with three days eating out in a row so I knew that I needed to go super simple and see what I can do to plan ahead even more than normal without eating "leftovers" every night. I cooked salsa sloppy joes today during the day and baked pizza bites so we will have some easy things to grab when we get home at 7pm on a school night. I think that I got a little to be prepared for the week but I know that it is not enough to keep the kitchen clean for the rest of the week. Here is hoping that we make it through to the other side of this house sale and construction!!


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