Monday, April 20, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 4/20

I am not even writing down the menu on paper until after we eat it anymore.  Things have been super busy and everyone wants to see the house when they get off work (aka dinnertime).  We have spent many a night waiting to get back into our house and giving up to go to a restaurant.  This week is going to be super busy because I have two days with contractors and two days working.  We also have soccer practice and soccer game which makes evenings difficult.  I know that I am not going to be able to pull together the whole week but I have some chicken and ground beef in the freezer so I am planning on using those.  Here are the meals we are going to have this week:

Tacos with saffron rice
French Dip Sloppy Joes with chicken rice
Chicken Nugget Wraps with homemade fries
Spaghetti with pizza bites
Something with Chicken Breast
Leftovers or Eating out for the other nights
Dinner with Friends (don't know what we are bringing yet)

Here is hoping that I have time to make the pizza bites Sunday night before the week starts so that we can actually have some!!


  1. Everytime that I read about the process for selling one's home (while they still live in it), it just makes me want to say that I will never move. We've been in our house 13 years almost and hopefully will get it paid off in 5 years. We have been talking about where we might want to live/where would be a good place to live, but I don't want to have to go through all that. And the cleaning you must constantly be doing. Arrgh :)
    On the other end, eating out a lot means no dishes to clean, right? Hopefully you can move into your new house soon and don't have to worry about the showings anymore.

    1. Funny because we have been in our house for 13 years and I know there is a ton of stuff to go through and get rid of but the process is overwhelming. I have gotten some stuff gone to goodwill and sold but there is still so much. I have my house down to practically nothing and the movers say that I have 10,000 pounds left at the old house still to move. Umm, no really I sold and moved everything...Are you sure there is that much left?? I want to be done with the selling and the moving but we aren't there yet!! I am so sick of eating out but doing dishes is also hard so we are stuck between a rock and tired place :) Whatever you do, don't sell your house!!! :)


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