Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Found Book Review

I got the third book in the series of the Secrets of Crittenden County from my reserve shelf which was again switching back and forth between series but I was super excited to find out what happened next.  Found: The Secrets of Crittenden County, Book Three by Shelley Shepard Gray was the next in my pile to start reading.  It was great to finally get some resolution in the first Amish mystery book series that I have read!!

As the search for Perry Borntrager's killer continues, Jacob Schrock feels like his world is about to crumble. Right before Perry went missing, he and Jacob got into a fistfight. Jacob never told anyone what happened that terrible night. He's good at keeping secrets—including his love for Deborah, Perry's sister. But when Deborah takes a job at his family's store and their friendship blossoms, Jacob senses everything is about to be revealed.  Deborah has been searching for a slice of happiness ever since her brother's body was discovered. When the police start questioning Jacob, Deborah can't believe that the one person she's finally allowed in could be the one responsible for her brother's death. Will she believe what everyone seems to think is the truth . . . or listen to her heart, and hope there is still one more person who is keeping secrets in Crittenden County.

In Found, Gray’s unforgettable trilogy of what happens when a terrible crime that strikes a close knit Amish community comes full-circle, “Englisher” Detective Luke Reynolds discovers the identity of Perry Borntrager’s killer and the community must come to terms with the surprising revelation. A murder is solved and a quiet Amish community must deal with the repercussions. Amid the surprising revelations, can a new found love survive?

As with all mysteries, the best stuff happens at the end.  There is a lot of confusion and cover-up in the murder of Perry but the truth is finally revealed and you aren't going to believe the final verdict.  I hope that this was a surprise to most of the people reading because it was to me.  I don't usually try to solve mysteries which is why I think that I was never a mystery reader before.  I like to read and follow along with what the characters know and learn as they do.  I find that it is much better for me then playing detective.  I enjoyed the final book the most and I think that the other two books were necessary to lead up to the final book resolution but I know that the first two books were a lot slower moving then some of her other book series.  I hope that you check them out at your local library or bookstore and see for yourselves.  I know that you will enjoy this Amish mystery and be as surprised as I was with the ending!!

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