Saturday, March 21, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 3/16 (sort Of more a week in review)

Monday- Salsa Sloppy Joes with homemade fries
Tuesday- Leftovers/Waffles
Wednesday- Leftovers/Wendy's
Thursday- Burger King/Little Caesars
Friday- Leftovers and Sandwiches/KFC Chicken
Saturday- Fun Fair food/Dinner at Sister in laws
Sunday- ???

Well, I knew that I forgot it was Monday because my son had off school but this week was a mess and without a plan although I knew it was going to throw the meal plan right out the window so I didn't make one except the beginning of the week. 

We have been working all week to get our house on the market.  We cleaned, we painted, and mainly moved out 13 years of stuff because people like to see empty homes and ours was not.  We cleared everything out by Thursday as the photographer was here and we were rearranging rooms and taking up carpets.  With two trips under my belt to Goodwill and more trips then I can count to drop off at the new house (with great help from my sister and brother in law), we made it.  Just in time because my son's school called on Thursday and he got pink eye.  I had a little helper for Friday to clean up the rest of the stuff in the house but things went pretty well and we have already had our first showing.  Here is hoping that this process is over quickly because selling a house is hard work!!!  Hope you have a tasty week!!

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