Friday, March 6, 2015

February Shopping Trips

Giant $0 OOP

My first trip I don't seem to have a picture of because I did have my little helper with me and we were running late to get dinner on the table, maybe I forgot.  I went to Giant and got gallon of milk, 5 packages of ham and one pound of turkey lunch meat.  I also bought three bags of Malt-O-Meal cereal for my son which were on clearance for $0.50 each which he really wanted.  The total was $11.65 after sale and coupons.  I used my $10 Giant credit for being part of the online community...super sad that this was the last month to get this because I have earned one every month for at least two years and enjoyed it greatly!!! Then, I used my Kohl's rebate card to pay the additional $1.65.

Harris Teeter $0 OOP

I was totally out of eggs.  I went to Walgreens to get one dozen at the sale price of $1.29 and they were out.  I went back again and they were still out.  I got a rain check.  I went back with the rain check three times and they still didn't have any eggs so I gave up.  I pulled out my Harris Teeter rainchecks and found a few different egg ones.  There was one for 18 count of eggs (limit 3) at $2.50.  I had a coupon for $0.55 off which doubled so they were $1.40 for each one or total of $4.35 paid on Kohl's rebate card.  I knew that these would be enough to last us and I finished up one container in February and that leaves two containers for March.

Safeway $1.03
My husband took my son to Safeway to get a special treat after being super good during another one of our marathon construction days.  They brought me a doughnut too so my tummy was pretty happy.  I got this picture on my phone asking which one I wanted!! YUM!  I got the long chocolate covered one and my son picked out the one on the bottom with the sprinkles.

Target $0 OOP

I got a lot of great things at Target with lots of splurges but I went to get butter and cranberry juice with the option of getting some pasta for my son.  He is really picky and doesn't like the whole wheat or pasta plus that I currently have so I got him white fiber.  I grabbed some cereals for easy breakfast and a special treat of my son's favorite doughnuts.  I got gogurt for my son's lunch but they only had one in the kind he likes which includes only strawberry.  I also grabbed two packages of Ortega taco seasoning because they were on sale and I had a coupon.  I used my Target gift card for the $23.26 total after sales, coupons and cartwheel.

Mom's Shopping Trips $0 OOP
I had a few receipts from the stuff that my mom bought which included some stuff only for them that they took home with them and other stuff that they ate here or bought for our family meals.  She spent $15.14 at Harris Teeter on chicken kiev, cordon bleu and broccoli stuffed chickens and a bottle of Heinz Ketchup for my son which I was not going to buy him which she thought he should have for dinner.  She spent $24.78 at Aldi's to buy some cheese and potatoes that I asked for and some breakfast baked goods, salad mixes, and yogurt for her and my dad.  She also stopped at Wegman's and bought ground beef and mac and cheese which was totally for me and she spent $24.10.  I realize that this sort of makes it like I spent more this month but the only thing that I would have bought would have been the ground beef that we needed.

Total Spent for February $1.03

How did you do for February??  Do you think that I have used enough things around the house to be able to move yet?  Here is hoping for another month using most of the things around the house and spending very little money out of pocket on groceries in March.


  1.! LOL. This is awesome Alison! Please keep posting your grocery reports, I love it!

  2.! LOL. This is awesome Alison! Please keep posting your grocery reports, I love it!


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