Saturday, February 14, 2015

Silent Night in Dry Creek Book Review

I got started on a new author and so I picked up everything that was at the library so that I could read it without waiting for books to come in off hold.  I don't usually do that because I love to start from the beginning of the series and see where they start and how the characters grow but I decided to be crazy and grab a few fun quick reads because they were on the shelf and that was all I had time to get while I was at the library with my son.  Silent Night in Dry Creek (Love Inspired) by Janet Tronstad was one of the books that I read.   I had a pile of three books that I read really quickly so to be honest, I am not sure which one I read first but this was one of the three (other reviews coming soon).

For private investigator Wade Sutton, the town holds too many memories--none of them fond-- of his childhood. Yet he can't say no when the sheriff asks him to secretly watch over a woman who might be in danger. "Helping" lovely Jasmine Hunter with the church's Christmas celebration does more for his bruised heart than he wants to admit. As does being back on his family's farm. But he can't stay in Dry Creek. Unless...Jasmine gives him a reason to call it home.  You have to pick it up and find out what happens!!

I really enjoyed the book and read it so fast that it might have been less than 24 hours.  I know that I have given up some sleep just to read a few more pages but it was worth it.  I enjoyed seeing Wade quickly see that he might have turned his back on the town of his childhood but they didn't turn their backs on him.  The characters and the holiday story is perfect.  I enjoyed the book and I know you will to.  Check this out the next time you are at your local library or bookstore.  I hope that you enjoy the book and series as much as I have so far!  These fast reads that are perfect to take on the road if they last that long!!

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