Saturday, February 21, 2015

An Angel for Dry Creek and A Gentleman for Dry Creek Book Review

An Angel for Dry Creek / A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Love Inspired Classics) by Janet Tronstad was the first book in the series and it was a two for one book.  It included what used to be the first two books.  The great thing about the books was that they overlapped in the characters and the time that it was covering.  It was great that they combined these books into one great big book.  The cover says 2 novels with 1 great price so I assume that the used to be two different books before but they can only be purchased separately for the kindle currently.

The first book was An Angel for Dry Creek had police sketch artist, Glory Beckett, stumble into cynical Matthew Curtis's life in tiny Dry Creek, MT. Amazed, Matthew's twin boys soon convince the whole town that Glory really is a Christmas angel sent just for them and maybe for their stubborn father, who lost his faith and his ministry after his wife died. As Glory unites the town with Christmas spirit, Matthew faces his fears of losing her to an anonymous hit man. And it looked as if it would take a miracle to convince anyone in town that she wasn't the least bit celestial, let alone that her presence in Dry Creek might even put them all in danger!

In the second book, Garth Elkton had found Sylvia Bannister's car in a ditch and rescued her from the freezing weather. And when she'd fled like Cinderella, leaving an earring behind, he'd tracked her down to return it--only to save her a second time! Yet despite his heroic efforts, Sylvia wasn't treating him like her knight in shining armor. For an abusive marriage had made Sylvia wary of all men. So when the troubled teens in her church-sponsored youth center needed a camp retreat, he volunteered his ranch. And set out to prove to Sylvia that he was a gentleman to be trusted.

I know that you have to pick up this book to see how the two stories overlap but it is great when you can see the same characters interacting with the small town from their own perspective.  I thought the books were super entertaining.  I wouldn't put these up there as great literature but I was entertained and loved the characters and the quaint small town.  I hope that you check out the book and let me know what you think.  I think that we would all love to find ourselves in a great small town like this one with even with the challenges that the characters have to overcome.  I hope you agree after reading them too!!

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