Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Total Books Read in 2014 (and 2013 and 2012)

I know that most people don't keep track of the number of books that they read but it is pretty interesting because you can see which months are super busy and you don't get a lot of reading in and which are spent reading a lot.  I have been tracking my reading for three years now because I have been blogging about it.  It is pretty helpful to be able to know all the books that you read and which ones you still have to read in the series or with the author.  I have used my list on more then one occasion to figure out what new books I need to read by the authors that I love. 

This year was down with the amount of reading that I did from last year but I still feel like I did pretty well.  I set my goal in 2012 for 50 books and I well exceeded it.  The next year made me set the goal higher which I still greatly exceeded.  This year, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I think that I did read less than I had in the past but I got to read so many fun books and did so many other things that I my future goal is to try to 100 books every year.  It helps to keep my mind active and gives me some escape to get to read about other peoples lives. 

Total Books Read
for 2014

January     8
February    9
March       6
April          6
May          8
June          13
July          10
August       9
September  9
October     6
November   6
December    9

Total Books Read in 2014      99

Total Books Read
for 2013

January       12
February     11
March         19
April            18
May             11
June             13
July               6
August         12
September     15 
October         9 
November      7 
December      6

Total Books Read in 2013    139

Total Books Read
for 2012

January      5
February    6
March        9
April           8
May           4
June          10
July           10
August        8
September  3
October      5
November  4
December  6

Total Books Read in 2012       78

Are you going to set a goal for the new year to read more books or a set number of books??  I think that I have set my goal for the coming year to read 100 books.  Here is hoping that I stay on track to get it done!!  I would love to hear your goals too so that I can work on mine!!  Do you set it on a certain number of quality books a month or instructive books a month or just read to enjoy??

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