Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Menu Plan Monday 1/12

Monday- Breakfast for Dinner
Tuesday- Olive Oil Pasta with garlic bread
Wednesday- Lasagna
Thursday- Chicken nuggets and homemade French fries
Friday- Whole Roasted Chicken with stuffing and corn or Enchilada Smash Casserole
Saturday- Cheese Ravioli with peasant bread/Chinese Food
Sunday- Turkey and Rice Soup and leftovers/??

Everything is up in the air with crazy construction starting on the house and family in town for my son's birthday party.  My son's birthday is Thursday so I am planning his favorite meal which is most anything with homemade fries plus I am going to spend most of the day at the other house with the electrician so I know that I won't have a ton of time to make things (beyond the cupcakes he has requested to take to school).  On Saturday, I am planning on feeding all of my family members before my son's birthday party and then getting take out after because I know that we will be wiped out and already cleaning up a mess from the kids.

I have planned a meal plan for the week but I am not sure if I am going to see it happen or how many people I am going to be feeding.  This is giving me a little stress but I am hoping to just add more side dishes and other items to the meal if more people show up.  I have found that I am way more stressed with no meal plan and end up giving in to eating out or getting take out.  My body is done with all this eating out and I want to have some healthy home cooked food even if I am cooking for 11 which might be the number if everyone is here at the same time.  I hope that you have a great week and enjoy your meals!!


  1. My meal planning has been nil. lol! I just spent $200.00 on groceries however, so we're good till next weeks payday. Because we're cooking so many different meals, I dread menu planning. *sigh* Such is life I suppose. lol!

    1. I dread getting to dinnertime and not having a plan because that often ends in crazy time. I am horrible at throwing together a meal because everything is in the freezer. It always ends up costing me more money with things like take out. I might switch nights with something else if I don't have it ready but for the most part, we go with the calendar.


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