Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kid Wednesday: 365 Fun-Filled Learning Activities you can do with your child Book Review

I found a bunch of books at the library that I wanted to read about teaching and one of the great ones was 365 Fun-Filled Learning Activities: You Can Do with Your Child by Mary S. Weaver, Weaver.  It included one activity a day to do with your kids.  The ideas are great and super simple to do mostly with things you already have around the house.  Those are the ideas that I love to hear because you can do it no matter how much money you have and your children are more prepared for kindergarten.  If you want to do your own preschool or if you want to supplement what they are already learning, this is the best idea book for you.

The description online is "This title provides learning activities for children to use in the home, including phonics, sets and groups, painting and drawing, and shopping for words."  The book is broken up into sections with language activities, math activities, science activities and physical development activities.  There are great and frugal ideas included in each section of the book to do with different ages and levels.  The page gives you the age and the skills you are using when you do the activity.  There are many great ideas when working with kids that you can incorporate into every day life without the kids even know that they are learning.  This is great for kids at home or preschool environments.

My son is a little old for a lot of the activities (he just turned 6) but we have done quiet a few of them in the previous years and we would have done more if I had read this book at a little earlier.  It is a great book to check out of the library or ask for Christmas because it has so many things in it that you will be able to keep the little ones entertained and learning at the same time.  There are ideas for homemade memory cards, secret messages made with white crayon and revealed with paint, and making letter and number books.  There are tons of ideas that don't take a lot of planning from the parents or special supplies.  If you want an inexpensive option to teach your young children, this book has the answers.  Some of the ages are a little off for my son but I guess it really depends on the level your children are starting from in the different areas.  Some kids pick up quickly on language arts and others on math so you can customize the learning games to the level your child(ren) are at in order.  The best idea is to introduce the idea and see how the kids take to it because you never know unless you try.  The older they get the more complicated that you can make each activity.  I hope that you enjoy all of the fun activities with your little ones!

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