Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dry Creek Sweethearts Book Review

I get some books from the local library that has a stack of things that don't sell at their book sale and they put them out for the public to take for free and I think that is where I got this paperback that was sitting on my shelf.  Dry Creek Sweethearts (Dry Creek Series #12) (Love Inspired #439) by Janet Tronstad was the next book that I picked up when I ran out of my library book pile so that I would have something light and quick to read.

She could scarcely believe her eyes. An enormous tour bus had arrived in Dry Creek, and from it stepped hometown hero Duane Enger, now a music celebrity. Linda Morgan, owner of the local cafĂ©, had thought her ex-boyfriend had become too famous for the small-town life she loved. But something had pulled Duane back. Maybe he missed a slower, easier life. Maybe he sought to regain his faith. Or maybe it was the girl he'd left behind. Whatever it was, Duane was now finding life in Dry Creek-and Linda—just as intriguing as life in the fast lane. Linda was trying to get over the past and move on and decided that dealing with her past and ex-boyfriend would help her do that.  Find out if it works by checking out this book!

I thought the front looks fun with the milk shakes and the back had a quick review which I might have quickly scanned before picking it up.  I read it not knowing that it was a series of books with other books about the same town until I looked it up on Amazon.  I hope to pick up some of the other books about the Dry Creek town because there were a lot of interesting characters that I am sure are in the other books for me to get to know more!!  This book is a inspirational or Christian book that does talk about finding God but the main part of the story was the relationship between Duane and the town (including his ex, Linda).  The religious aspect was not in the way of the story but helped it to move forward.  It was a good book and I hope that you check it out at your local library or bookstore.

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