Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: What did I Do This Week?

I have had a hard time coming up with new ways for you to save money since I have been doing this for so long so I haven't been writing a Thrifty Thursday post.  I was going to go back and write some of my old ideas over again because some of my early posts are really bad but I decided after reading a new blog that I found that I should write a list of things that I did during the week to save money.  Normally this post would be on Thursday but since I was trying to figure out what I did for the week, I just used this week and didn't do it from Thursday to Thursday.  I will try to do better next week!!!


-Returned library books on time with no late fees and got new books to enjoy

- Went to Lego Kids Club at the library so that my son could play Legos with other kids 
  • I got to write a few blog posts and return some library books while he was in there and he had a blast!

-Made American Sandwich Bread for sandwiches
  • I try to make a loaf every Sunday but this week we had a little bit of bread left because we used two loaves last week instead of two so I didn't have to make until Monday.  recipe found here
-Cut coupons
  • I was so behind on cutting coupons with three inserts that I needed to get cut and I still have this weeks in the pile but I got caught up.
-Got coupons for free
  •  I went to the library and got the free local paper so that I would have the coupon inserts this week at no cost. 
-Went to store for only one item that we needed
  • People say that the biggest way that they loose money is that they go to the store for one thing but get tons.  I don't get anything that isn't on my list unless it is an amazing deal.  We needed some ham lunch meat for my husband so I got the one that was on sale and used my coupon to only pay $2.50.
-Flavored oyster crackers to have a yummy snack
  • I get cheap oyster crackers at Aldi and then I use the Kernel Popcorn seasonings (got on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond) and Molly McButter (free after coupon) in order to flavor the crackers to make them a happy treat in my husband's lunch instead of sending his favorite Cheese-Its because they are expensive.  My husband ate them all because they were so good but sadly we are out of his favorite seasoning which was the Garlic Parmesan which was the Kernel's seasoning with the purple top.  recipe found here

-Made loaf of applesauce bread
  • I got a bunch of applesauce free with coupons at Harris Teeter during the last super doubles and I have been using them to make yummy applesauce bread.  There are some with the cinnamon that I used this time which adds a little extra flavor to the bread but either is wonderful.  Super great if you have some apples getting mealy too.  recipe found here
-Made Homemade Cookies
  • As a thank you gift, I made a batch of mint chocolate chip cookies and we got to eat the "extras."  I made that kind because I had a bag of the special chocolate chips in the freezer and I wanted to use them up.  I am going to make another batch because I have to delivery 2 dozen cookies to the teachers on Monday.
-Leftover Nights
  • We were going to get pizza before going to see Santa because there wasn't a lot of time but I got my son food (leftover Spaghetti) on the table and made food for my husband (Buffalo Chicken Rice) to take because he was holding us a space in line.  We also creatively used the leftovers the next night to have chicken Parmesan and waffles..for different people not on the same plate.  It is always great to use all the leftovers in the fridge so that you don't waste any money.
-Spent Kohl's money
  • Super excited about this great win because there was a new item added to the list for Santa and it was on sale and I used the money to get a $30 toy for $1.43.   

Frugal Flops

-Haircut for everyone in the family before pictures with Santa
  • We all really needed to get some haircuts because we were starting to look a mess and each of us get a haircut for under $20 but it is still a big expense so we try to stretch it out as far as we can between cuts but this is our only time that we get a family picture during the year so we are all set.
-Went through the Spice and Seasoning Cupboard to clean out
  • I had to throw out sliced almonds because I put them in the cupboard instead of in the basket where we put the salad toppings because I was using them for another recipe so they never got used.  I also made a bread crumb mixture with cashews and corn flakes that was for a chicken tender recipe that I used to use and I didn't use them before the nuts went bad.  Super sad to trash and not use things in the proper time but that happens.
How did your week go??  Overall, I think that ours went well.  I know that I am trying my hardest especially at this expensive time of year.  I have gotten almost all of the Christmas presents wrapped and I am going to try to finish tonight if I stay awake.  Here is hoping that I can get everything dropped off where they need to go before the holidays with only one week left before school break!!  Are you ready for the holidays??  What did you do that was frugal this week?


  1. What a great deal at your local library to get the paper for free. Libraries are such a great source of entertainment too! have a great week

    1. Love the libraries! Between the free programs, books and newspapers- it is the best resource around!!!! I am so lucky to have tons of them with lots of great programs to suit all different ages. We are going to Read to Dog today and Legos tomorrow!

  2. I love reading your blog Alison. I love to read when people are frugal. I too Love Kohls, if you get there credit card (and pay it off monthly) You get wonderful coupons, A few months ago, I had a 30% off and went to the clearance rack about bought my daughter about 30 clothing items for $100 and saved $729. And whatever doesn't fit her I will post on ebay. And whatever I make on them I will give her the money. Wrapped them all up for Christmas. Thanks for sharing, just thought I would share a little. Kohls is a great place to shop if you are very strict on paying your card off immediately which I do right at the register as I buy it. Thanks again

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Kohl's has some good deals and I used to have their credit card but now I just print the coupons before I leave the house when I am going to head over there and they have the best clearance section!! I wear short sleeved shirts all year round so there is no reason to have them on clearance in the winter. Awesome deal and I am sure that it is going to make for a happy Christmas morning!!!


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