Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fool Me Twice Book Review

Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (A Jesse Stone Novel) by Michael Brandman was next on the list in the series of Jesse Stone books.  I grabbed it while I was at the library looking for all the new books written with the characters after Robert Parker's death.  The great part is that the new author carries the same character and writing style forward so it doesn't miss a beat.

In this book,  there are multiple cases going on at the same time in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts.  The first is caused by the Hollywood movie company coming to town with the huge cast and crew moving into this quiet little town and causing great changes.  The troubled Marisol Hinton is afraid of her husband who she is separated from so police chief Jesse Stone introduces Crow as a body guard.  There is a high school girl that is headed down a bad road who ends up in a horrible collision caused by distracted driving while texting.  Her parents are very well connected and get her out of the arrest and charges.  Jesse makes it his mission to make sure that the girl doesn't fall through the cracks and cites her two other times for talking on the phone while driving.  At the same time, there is some complaints about the water prices going up and Jesse is working on balancing all of the things going on in this usually quiet town and making sure that everyone gets justice.  You have to get the book to find out how all of it turns out but you might be surprised!!

I loved this book as much as all the others in the series.  I started reading the Robert Parker books with the Jesse Stone series so I love the series and it was so much shorter then the Spenser series which really left you wanting more.  The stories are full of mystery and intrigue with a lot of special attitude from Jesse which is the needed icing on the cake of great writing.  The even better thing about the Jesse Stone books is that many of them have been put into movies so I totally see the main character as Tom Selleck and can't get that out of my head.  It was the perfect casting and I loved adding to the series with these new books.  I am super excited to find that there is more reading that I can enjoy with these great characters in this wonderful town.

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