Friday, December 26, 2014

Darned If You Do Book Review

Okay so the real title is actually not in the subject of the post but I was just a little leery about putting the first word of the title of the book in my post.  I know that I have turned a little silly but as a mom, I don't want my son using that language and so I have edited my title.  Robert B. Parker's Damned If You Do (A Jesse Stone Novel) by Michael Brandman was the next in the series

Jesse Stone, Paradise Police Chief, is called out to a seedy beach front motel because there is a murdered girl who looks like she is barely out of her teens.  She looks a little familiar, not exactly beautiful, but she’d tried to make the most of her looks.  The state police try to help and Jesse has to go to Gino Fish, local mobster, in order to learn who the murdered girl was.  In the process, he gets himself in between Thomas Walker and Fat Boy Nelly who are rivals for the prostitution business.  This book is a lot of action that you won't want to miss.  Make sure you pick it up and find out for yourself what happens.

I really enjoy the characters and the books in this series.  Whether written by Robert Parker or Michael Brandman, I feel like the town and characters are the same.  This book was particularly great because there was so much action going on and it was all around one case.  Normally, they are balancing more than one case because there isn't enough action in one case but this one is different.  There are warring pimps and mobsters involved which makes you really see this book being acted out on the big screen!!  I hope that you check out this adventure for yourself and enjoy all the action.  I know that I loved it and I hope that you like it as much as I do!!!!

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