Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Free Calendars Now Available

I look forward to getting my Betty Crocker and Pillsbury calendars every year and last year I missed mine!!  I don't know what happened but I went on the website in December and found that they were already gone.  Darn it!  I marked it on the calendar this year to make sure to check at the beginning of November.  They weren't there at the beginning of November but they are now.

In order to get your free calendar, you need to be a member of and before 11/17/14.  What this means is that if you already have a log on because you print coupons there, you can go and get your two free calendars now.  All you have to do is log on and then enter in a little information on where they are going to mail the calendar. 

You will be very excited in 6-8 weeks when the new calendars with the great pictures and recipes appear in the mailbox.  I use one of mine for my meal planning.  The boxes are really big and let me write in a lot of details on what I am going to make and even leaves a little room if I have to cross things off and move them around.

I can't wait for mine!!!  How about you???

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